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Fast Facts 7/17

This week’s notes on encryption:

  • Here’s why encryption should be a foundational element in your cyber security schema, and here’s how you can improve it. 
  • Understand that Blockchain is not unbreakable, and that while it’s a good security improvement, it’s hackable.
  • Beware of Slack. Yes, that fun app that everyone’s using. Their service does not have end-to-end encryption. 
  • Should law enforcement be able to access encrypted content? The debate rages on.

This week’s notes on the coronavirus and cyber security:

  • Compromised systems, open ports, and web app security issues? You won’t believe what’s at risk. It might even affect you personally.
  • Discover new dangers, doubts and developments in this MIT Sloan Digital Learning Series. Click here for details.
  • Cyber spies using phishing and spearphishing tactics? The BBC says that it’s been working. Be sure not to fall victim to these nefarious tactics.
  • Nearly 90% of organizations rely on digital trainings to communicate key concepts to employees. Your organization could benefit and grow during the pandemic.