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EU introduces new mobile security directive

Nov. 5—In Europe, wireless device carriers will soon need to follow a new set of European Commission cyber security mandates, known as the Radio Equipment Directive.

Authorities intend for the guidelines to improve the design and production of devices that communicate over the internet, making them more secure. The list of devices includes baby monitors, smart watches, fitness trackers, toys, mobile phones, tablets and more.

The mandate aims to enhance privacy and data security for EU citizens. In turn, this will limit monetary fraud, reduce lawsuits and enhance communication networks. “Wireless devices and products will have to incorporate features to avoid harming communication networks and prevent the possibility that the devices are used to disrupt websites’ or other services’ functionality. Wireless devices and products will need to have features to guarantee the protection of personal data,” states the directive.

Children’s rights to privacy and security

While children’s rights to privacy and security aren’t widely discussed, this new mandate aims to protect children’s rights by ensuring that new measures prevent unauthorized disclosure of or access to personal data.

Commissioner of the internal market at the European Commission, Thierry Breton, sees the mandate as a notable nudge in the right direction when it comes to establishing a common European cyber security standard for marketable devices and services.

Mandate implementation

As the mandate takes effect, manufacturers will have a 30-month window in which to upgrade practices, products and services. Further, the European Standardization Organizations will develop relevant standards to assist manufacturers in conforming to the new rules.

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