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Digital Transformation: Endless Opportunity or Cyber Apocalypse?

In 1946, when scientists dedicated ENIAC, the world’s first electronic, digital computer, no one could have predicted the many trajectories computing technology would follow. The worldwide installed base now numbers 1.333 billion computers.1 In addition, there are 3.3 billion smartphone users around the world.2 By 2020, IDC predicts IoT endpoints will top 30 billion.3

Moving from analog devices to digital processors connected through wired and wireless networks spurred widespread changes. The transition fostered new computing models such as software as a service (SaaS), virtual environments, peer-to-peer blockchains, and many others. Through these platforms, the digital transformation offers organizations across all industries unprecedented flexibility to improve operating efficiencies and creating new ways of doing business.

In this paper, we’ll discover how omnipresent computer processing, combined with total global connectivity and expanding attack surfaces, comes at a steep price. A digitally transforming world offers endless opportunities, but is it moving us even closer to a cyber apocalypse?

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