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Data breach affects CBS and Paramount

Dec. 26 – Private media giant National Amusements, which owns Paramount and CBS, has reported a data breach. The company is legally required to file a report with Maine’s attorney general. The breach occurred in December of 2022, but only came to light recently.

The stolen information

Hackers parsed personal information belonging to 82,128 people. Affected individuals began to receive written notifications last week.

Without disclosing further details, National Amusements reported that hackers stole financial information; bank account numbers and credit card numbers, in combination with associated security codes, passwords or ‘secrets’.

Type of cyber attack

National Amusements hasn’t yet revealed what type of cyber attack occurred, nor has it shared whether or not the company received a ransom demand.

Making matters worse…

In August, Paramount disclosed a separate cyber security incident. During this event, hackers stole personal information belonging to an undisclosed number of customers.

The information stolen included customer names, dates of birth, social security numbers or other government-issued identification numbers.

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