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Cyber security: What the future holds…

Dec 30— As we look ahead to 2022, we observe a series of trends that will reshape the cyber security landscape. Cyber security leadership teams can expect new challenges, as indicated within a recent report produced by Check Point Software.

Report findings

Experts expect that supply chain attacks will continue to proliferate. In turn, this may lead to new legislation surrounding API security, software bills of materials, and more. Additionally, increased collaboration between federal officials and private sector entities will lead to faster identification of supply chain threats and stronger approaches to mitigation.

The cyber “cold war” may get colder. Cyber-based standoffs between nations may intensify. Simultaneously, nation-state backed attacks could become more sophisticated.

Data breaches are expected to occur at-scale. Experts warn that as breaches scale up, organizations will need to shell out increasingly large sums of money in order to recover from attacks. Nonetheless, experts generally caution against paying ransoms; a mindset that will prevail in 2022.

Use of deepfake technologies in cyber criminal schemes will make security more complex. Deepfakes can potentially result in widespread harm; from the manipulation of stock prices to politically motivated clips designed to manipulate sections of society.

As digital currencies continue to develop, cyber criminals are likely to capitalize on this newfound form of cash. Novel ways to steal cryptocurrencies are likely to crop up. Earlier this year, Check Point researchers discovered that attackers could steal cryptocurrency wallets via the exploitation of security flaws.


“Looking ahead, organizations should remain aware of the risks and ensure that they have the appropriate solutions in place to prevent, without disrupting the normal business flow…” says Check Point Software research VP Maya Horowitz. For more on this story, visit TechRepublic.com.

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