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Curated premium cyber security content

cyber security newsletter testimonialIn this executive-level cyber security newsletter, get premium information security insights and perspectives; from thoughtful policy possibilities, to innovative infrastructure improvement options, to analysis around breakthroughs in the field. Content comes from industry experts. Ensure that your enterprise aligns with next-generation, outside-of-the-box and blue flame thinking. A wide range of topics receive coverage, from the ongoing ransomware epidemic to remote workforce security, to cloud security and beyond.

More about our exclusive cyber security resources

In addition, numerous types of curated content are available. Prefer short-form content? Our cyber security newsletter articles are for you. Appreciate more in-depth analysis? Check out a buyer’s guide or a whitepaper. Or consider perusing any of our other curated content options; solutions briefs, event listings, C-level podcast offerings, webinars and more. The Cyber Talk newsletter also delivers essentials, such as:

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A cyber security newsletter with cutting-edge content and information enables you and your enterprise to stay ahead of threats. Prevent your team from bumbling through a breach. With a comprehensive newsletter, discover how to check for risks and how to mitigate vulnerabilities before they become issues. Solve problems before they start.

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By subscribing to the Cyber Talk newsletter, you can save time, energy and resources. The Cyber Talk newsletter can also help you serve as a leading cyber security voice within your organization, enabling you to excel within your role. This valuable content, delivered weekly, can put you on the fast track as you work towards achieving your business and cyber security goals.

You can easily read this cyber security newsletter on a desktop or on a mobile device. Waiting for a meeting? Read the Cyber Talk newsletter on your phone and leverage the content as a jumping-off point for small talk conversations. And, if you find something that you enjoy and want to share with someone at a later date, the info is right in your inbox. No need to scroll through Twitter to retrieve an obscure tweet.

Workforce security initiatives

Harness expert insights and perspectives to help you optimize your workforce security initiatives. In early 2020, many businesses shifted their cyber security priorities on account of the coronavirus pandemic. Ensure that your organization engineered new initiatives as best as possible. Avoid cyber security blind spots and security coverage gaps. Integrate focused, frictionless and flexible cyber security models and growth strategies into your enterprise. After all, everyone is invested in making the new normal as normal as possible.

In summary

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