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Cyber Security: It’s All About Managing Your Risks


In cyber security, status quo is a non-existent concept. Hyper-sophisticated cyber attacks demand the full spectrum of the latest strategies and tools. As your organization’s trusted security leader, your role requires you to effectively predict, assess, and manage cyber risks.

In this white paper, discover how you can better understand the threat landscape, assess possibilities vs. probabilities, and manage your security approach. Find out how automation and custom-built tools can help you implement strong cyber security initiatives, and ultimately mitigate as much risk as possible.

Forecasting the Future: Predicting Risk

No one can predict the future, but we can prepare by examining all available evidence. Qualitatively, you need to know about attack vectors and exploits. Industry experts devote innumerable hours to contemplating next-generation attacks, and spend countless moments on stage, radio, podcast or other forms of media to discuss new threat intelligence. Their insights allow you to understand what you need to monitor, upgrade or implement to prevent network compromises.

Quantitatively, risk analysis frameworks enable organizations to obtain metrics pertaining to the elements of their security systems that are exposed vs. secure. Calculating risk exposure using a framework helps organizations estimate the annual rate of threat occurrence, and also helps organizations budget appropriately. A series of risk management frameworks exist…

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