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Cyber Pandemic: Stressors and Solutions


The notion of a cyber security breach can prompt any business professional to start panicking. Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and the corresponding technological transformations, 53 percent of business leaders state that cyber security and data loss represent “major concerns.” This anxiety isn’t new, but here’s what you should know…

Although many organizations have cyber security mechanisms in-place, apprehension around cyber attacks has reached epidemic proportions. This is due to changes in the computing environment: the increased volume of employees working from home, the corresponding remote access infrastructure, a massively increased dependency on cloud apps, and more sensitive data in-motion than ever before. The balm to this scourge lies in dramatically improving security measures.

The Distributed Work Stress Test

In March of 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic emerged, hundreds of thousands of offices closed and millions of workers adjusted to the distributed work model. The dangers of the pandemic, combined with delayed government-level responses and other external factors left people frazzled, and fallible. Cyber criminals quickly capitalized on the frenzy. For weeks, uncertainty around the spread of the contagion mounted, and attackers eagerly preyed upon these fears. Amidst voluminous uncertainty, alerts about the coronavirus, personal protective equipment, and virus testing easily proved tempting for the crooks. Phishing websites popped up across the web and 2.2 times more individuals fell for phishing threats than usual. One in four Americans received a phishing-related email….

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