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Comprehensive Control and Visibility for SecOps in Today’s Cloud


Security for today’s public cloud is fundamentally different from traditional datacenter security. Cloud operations and security teams are tasked with deploying and managing workloads in highly dynamic, flexible environments. They have to pay close attention to policy configuration and enforcement, patch management, connection policies, access control and more, across large, distributed deployments. Enterprise datacenters use layers of physical security measures – firewalls, routers, switches, etc.- to manage connection policies, access controls and zone designations. Many of these tools either don’t work in the cloud or are inadequate. Lift-and-shift approaches to security are bound to fail in the software defined, instantaneously configurable world of the public cloud, where simple changes to security policies can expose private resources to everyone.

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Effective cloud security requires a centralized, consolidated platform that is built from the ground up for the cloud and gives administrators complete visibility and active control of their cloud environments. CloudGuard Dome9 offers end-to-end control over the security posture of public cloud environments from a centralized console. This innovative service provides a broad set of security and compliance controls, deep visualization, multi-factor authentication, and policy automation for verifiable and comprehensive security management.

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