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Cloud week 2022 is almost here!

Join us for cloud week 2022, from October 3rd – 7th. During this virtual themed week, you’ll be able to obtain the latest insights into cloud breach prevention. You’ll discover the latest best practices, game-changing strategies, and unique perspectives that can help you evolve your security processes, frameworks and tools.

Receive up-to-date information about global cloud security threats from cloud experts. In addition, learn about cutting-edge security solutions from Check Point Software and see why Spectral became a Check Point company.

Why cloud week 2022?

By 2023, over 500 million digital apps and services will be developed and deployed via cloud native. Businesses need better-than-adequate cloud security to guard against breaches, prevent DDoS attacks, manage remote work, and to ensure regulatory compliance, among other functions. A well-designed cloud security strategy will eliminate risks and mitigate cyber security threats. We’re here to help.

What you’ll see

During cloud week 2022, you’ll see a wealth of cloud-focused stories, interviews, resources and more. You’ll find:

  • Expert-informed articles about cloud security risks, threats and vulnerabilities
  • Leading-edge information about visibility, the multi-cloud and risk posture
  • Insights into data security by design
  • Advanced threat detection discussions
  • Top-notch cloud infrastructure development resources; eBooks, whitepapers…etc.

Cyber criminals commonly target cloud applications and services due to poor cyber security management and the misconfigured services that render them exposed to the internet and/or vulnerable to attack.  Ensure that your data does not become compromised, and that you don’t experience security compliance failures, which could result in fines and loss of consumer trust. Cloud customers need comprehensive solutions that are secure-by-design and that help protect the sovereignty of a business.

Other benefits

How do you prevent known unknowns? By learning as much as possible about perceived threats and planning accordingly. Transform your known unknowns into known knowns.

Fight the hackers. The benefits of highly effective cloud security posture management and related security solutions span beyond keeping the data secure. When you implement a comprehensive cloud security program, you’ll help ensure that your organization avoids financial losses, and that you’ll be able to grow your organization and your career.

Effective cloud security

Make it as difficult as possible for cyber attackers to reach your cloud environment, your network, your fleet of mobile devices and your employees and customers. In addition to the cloud security fundamentals, ensure that you apply comprehensive best practices, understand opportunities, and have the tools to significantly improve the security of cloud deployments.

To borrow from an African proverb, it takes a village. Regardless of your role within your organization, there’s something for you on CyberTalk.org during cloud week 2022. See CyberTalk.org’s latest cloud content.