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Cloud incidents drive AI-powered prevention

May 17th — In the past year, 61% of organizations have reported experiencing cloud security breaches, an increase of nearly 40% over the prior year’s numbers, according to Check Point’s 2024 Cloud Security Report.

The report, based on responses from over 800 cloud and cyber security professionals, indicates that most organizations prioritize threat detection and monitoring over prevention, with only 25% focusing on preventative measures.

AI-powered prevention

Itai Greenberg, Chief Strategy Officer at Check Point Software Technologies, emphasizes the need for AI-powered threat prevention. A consolidated architecture that leverages AI can equip organizations to better address emerging threats and can ensure a more secure cloud environment.

Integration challenges

Although a large majority of organizations wish to prioritize AI for security enhancement, only a handful of organizations have implemented AI for proactive threat prevention purposes.

And, only 25% of organizations have implemented a Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), underscoring how gradual change can be and how under-protected so many organizations still are.

Implementing AI-powered solutions

AI-powered threat prevention can offer tremendous benefits. It’s a critical advancement for cloud security, and can help organizations to mitigate the most menacing of risks, leading to a more secure and resilient enterprise environment.

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