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ChatGPT vs. Auto-GPT

April 18 — You’re likely well acquainted with the powerful language model that is ChatGPT. Former crypto enthusiasts and hustle bros are now fawning over the technically remarkable AutoGPT, a tool that can complete projects for you and automate processes in a few easy clicks.

What is Auto-GPT? 

Auto-GPT is an open source application created by developer Toran Bruce Richards that leverages ChatGPT to automate the execution of multi-component projects. Such projects would have ordinarily required several exchanges with GPT-4 models.

The Auto-GPT technology “chains together LLM ‘thoughts’, to autonomously achieve whatever goal you set,’ says the GitHub repo page.

How Auto-GPT works

Auto-GPT operates along the same lines as ChatGPT, but sports added capabilities. It chains together large language model instructions in order to achieve a specified outcome. The tool has a certain set of decision-making powers that can replace human agents in some parts of the value chain.

Getting started with Auto-GPT

Auto-GPT requires some level of technical knowledge to operate. It runs on Python. It also requires OpenAI and Pinecone API keys. However, the app known as AgentGPT can provide similar output, but it doesn’t require programming knowledge.

If interested in experimenting with Auto-GPT, code can be downloaded from the GitHub page. You can follow the instructions to set up your own instance.

Auto-GPT vs. ChatGPT

Here are the key differences:

  1. Autonomy. ChatGPT relies on human prompts to function. In contrast, Auto-GPT relies on AI agents to make certain decisions.
  2. Multi-step projects. ChatGPT can handle short projects and mid-length writing assignments. In contrast, Auto-GPT is designed to handle more complex and multi-stage projects.
  3. Technical expertise. ChatGPT is available to anyone with an internet connection (outside of a few select countries). In contrast, Auto-GPT requires programming knowledge to use.
  4. Open-source availability. ChatGPT is not available on GitHub. Auto-GPT is available on GitHub.
  5. Experimental element. ChatGPT is a fairly mature project. By way of comparison, Auto-GPT remains as an experimental project.

Use cases, Auto-GPT

Auto-GPT can potentially be used for content creation, social media management and general project management. It could automate an array of different types of processes.

More thoughts

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