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C-levels as cyber attack targets…

Jan 10 –Sixty percent of IT leaders are worried about the prospect of targeted cyber threats reaching the c-suite. A growing list of mobile security threats, dangerous public wi-fi hotspots, and a constant fast-paced modus operandi contribute to the reasons for concern.

C-level executives are highly visible, travel often, and often need to make split-second decisions. With 100 new emails per day, and a limited amount of time in which to check them, it’s almost inevitable that a C-level will click on a malicious email.

C-level threats

But it’s not just the aforementioned factors that contribute to C-level risk. Other factors include:

  • Irritated former employees, who may retain access to account information, passwords and other internal data that can be used in nefarious ways.
  • More than 75% of CEOs admit to having bypassed security protocols in order to complete tasks efficiently. In circumnavigating security, C-levels can accidentally invite malicious emails into inboxes.
  • C-levels may not have information about the latest phishing threats. Experts say that education is the #1 priority when it comes to phishing prevention.

Attack costs

More than 90% of IT leaders assert that improved cyber governance results in fewer C-level incidents and better economic outcomes overall. The average cost of a malware-based cyber attack exceeds $1.4 million, while a ransomware attack can drive figures beyond $3 million.

Hidden costs of cyber attacks include reputational damage, loss of talent, declining stock prices and legal battles. These costs can have lasting effects.

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