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Business Cyber Security Checklist for Unprecedented Times

Discover our Business Cyber Security Checklist for Unprecedented Times

Overcoming today’s cyber security challenges is tough. The threats facing organizations are beyond what we’ve ever known in the past. But there are ways to manage unknown unknowns. When contending with unknown unknowns, adaptability, preparedness and teamwork are key. On behalf of your team, read through the Business Cyber Security Checklist for Unprecedented Times.

In this checklist, you’ll find information about endpoint security, network security controls, open source code and more. Discover critical questions to ask regarding your organization’s operational frameworks, management capabilities and in relation to specific cyber security methodologies.

Business Cyber Security Checklist for Unprecedented Times

Ensure that your cyber security is under control. Is your organization catastrophe-averse and equipped with leading resilience strategies, technologies, tactics and techniques? Maintain a mature cyber security posture that checks all of the right boxes.

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Bonus insight: Executive phishing and spear phishing

What might happen in times of cyber strife? Amidst geopolitical turmoil, protect the digital lives of your organization’s executives. Via email, social media, text messaging and other channels, executives may be targeted with phishing or spear phishing attacks. In other words, executives may receive fraudulent messages that include malware, spyware or that reflect other nefarious intents, including ploys to gain access to network systems.

Because executives are overwhelmed, pressed-for-time and uniquely motivated to accomplish goals, they may be more likely to fall for cyber threats than rank-and-file employees. Phishing and spear phishing attacks can circumvent standard security controls. Learn more about protecting executives from cyber threats here. Ensure the online security of personal devices, workspaces and home networks belonging to organizational executives.

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