Home Breaking News: US cyber security upgrades

Breaking News: US cyber security upgrades

April 7–The US Department of Defense recently launched the Defense Industrial Base Vulnerability Disclosure Program (DIB-VDP) in order to increase digital security. This program represents a means of connecting with and leveraging information from participating contractor networks and private security firms.

As of April 2021, cyber experts have alerted the Department of Defense to as many as 30,000 potential exploits within its systems. Requesting additional submissions concerning vulnerabilities ensures that the DoD can put the right measures in place to secure against them.

Says the DIB-VDP program, “[we are]…committed to coordinating with the security researcher transparently and promptly”. This will occur through:

  • 24 hour turn around for submission acknowledgement
  • Continuous communications with researcher/s, as appropriate
  • Providing public recognition for contributions, as appropriate

For more information about the DoD’s new initiatives, visit Security Magazine.