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Breaking News: Coronavirus Insights

As distribution for the coronavirus vaccine in the United States continues to roll out, there are disparities between rural and urban cities receiving the vaccine.

The Associated Press wrote a story about people driving hundreds of miles to get the vaccine in a neighboring cities when they were not eligible in their home town. It is in moments such as these that threat actors take advantage of people’s distraction.

When watching a card trick, you’re at the mercy of the magician’s set up; curtains, black table cloth, flashy suits and a dark room. The “mark” (which is the target of the trick) is told to look here, look there, while the magician conducts the trick. Threat actors in cyber security look for a similar set up; lots of flashy news stories to create confusion, emotional turmoil to disrupt rational thought and the promise of an easy solution.

When people are at their most vulnerable, or distracted, they fall for cons. Fake health related websites purporting to provide or sell coronavirus vaccines have increased since the beginning of this year. Thus, it is critically important for our governments to communicate effectively and for people to be aware of “strangers bearing gifts,” or in this case, strange websites promising vaccines or cures.

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