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Beware of Las Vegas Formula 1 scams

November 15 – Are you on the search for last-minute tickets to the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix?

If you are, then be on the lookout for scammers who are aiming to take advantage of the hype surrounding this significant racing event.

Many threat actors are creating phishing pages that look identical to the official website that sells F1 tickets. However, these fake pages are often littered with spelling or grammatical errors throughout the webpage or domain name – clear signs of a scam.

There are also websites selling fraudulent F1 gear and other merchandise. These scams are getting more difficult to spot because hackers are becoming more sophisticated. With the advent of AI tools, scammers are using these tools to make their websites or social media channels look even more legitimate than they used to appear.

In addition, be wary of any suspicious direct messages or texts promising a deal that sounds too good to be true. The FTC provides tips on recognizing and avoiding phishing scams here.

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