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Becoming a Cyber Aware CEO: Part 1, The Backstory


This two-part article will provide CEOs with an understanding of the challenges of the typical enterprise CISO and propose a new approach to satisfying mutual goals.

Part One: The Backstory focuses on how we got here. Written for a non-technical audience, the evolution of cyber is described to give CEOs the foundation of a practical dialogue between the
business and the security teams. Like a marriage, where both persons unify in the same mission, but one person speaks from the heart and the other from the mind; the business and I.T. need a communication tool to bridge the communication gap.

A history of the world wide web

In 1983, US military intelligence invented a robust new method to communicate, in lightning speed, anywhere in the world. The “lab coats” called it TCP/IP, but five years later, scientists at CERN would build off this technology to create the World Wide Web.
For the first time in human history, the mass distribution of information was possible at a fraction of the cost of previous methods of communication and the world burst online in an attempt to capture the mindshare of customers, the industry, friends, and enemies.

Three decades later, we now find critical systems online supplying our electricity, medical needs, shopping, and whatever any smart would-be inventor decides in this new digital economy.

Obsession with the User Experience
Technology is inherently complex, hence Silicon Valley’s obsession with the User Experience. Solving the problem of how people engage the intricacies of getting information online, the “App” economy is now a $3.3 trillion industry. This evolution has made it easy for any corporate employee to independently revolutionize how they achieve their business goals. As Steve Jobs famously exclaimed, “There’s an app for that!”…

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