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A new standard in Firewall performance

Jan 20 – Purveyor of cyber security solutions Check Point Software has recently extended the Check Point Quantum portfolio with Quantum Lightspeed Firewalls; the biggest network security revolution of the past decade.

The emergence of distributed SaaS applications and the need to provide stronger security support for remote workers mean that the modern data center is rapidly evolving to a hybrid architecture, with both on-premises and cloud workloads. Given that network traffic is continually growing, enterprises of all kinds are challenged with delivering hyper-fast datacenter security at the speed of network.

Leveraging an innovative ASIC technology designed by NVIDIA, Check Point Quantum Lightspeed offers breakthrough firewall performance, which allows enterprises to support “elephant flows” and to securely transfer terabytes of data in minutes rather than hours.

Financial groups can now securely process high-frequency trades with only microsecond latency. Businesses can now provide fast access for remote users and support high-growth.

“As more enterprises rely on their hybrid datacenters to conduct business transactions, they need to implement a solution with network security speed. Our goal was to design a solution that would work in the most demanding data centers which require high security throughput, low latency and can expand on demand to support rapid growth. Check Point Quantum Lightspeed hyper-fast firewalls deliver line-rate firewall performance at the speed of the network, setting a new standard in cybersecurity performance,” says Dr. Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer, Check Point.

For more information about Check Point’s new Quantum Lightspeed firewall product, see this CyberTalk.org story. Lastly, please join us at the premiere event of the year, CPX 360 2022. Register here.