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3 hilarious cyber security cat memes that will make you laugh


No threat has grown as aggressively or as incomprehensibly as the danger from cyber attacks, according tThe Heritage Foundation. The effects of the coronavirus pandemic, combined with exploit sophistication, and lingering gaps in infrastructure protection means that there’s no end to attacks in sight. Adversaries are feeling emboldened. People, policies and security technologies are often struggling to keep up. Any organization could be temporarily or permanently paralyzed by a cyber attack at any moment.

Ransomware threats are growing. At present, ransomware represents the No.1 means of attack. The latest Check Point Research data shows that ransomware attacks impacted one out of 40 organizations each week during the second quarter of 2022. This represents a 59% increase in ransomware attacks, year-over-year. Monster ransomware attacks across the past six months have affected schoolscar manufacturersgovernments, and healthcare organizations.

If you’re an information security professional, you know that cyber security is often a somber, serious and seemingly humorless endeavor. So much so that teams are becoming burnt out, and that in and of itself is going to be a problem very soon. As you lead your teams, supercharge everyone’s day. Harness the power of humor. Take a moment to share these lighthearted script kitty memes to keep things inspirational and warm amidst challenging times.

A 42% increase in cyber attacks?

That’s exactly what researchers report. Get the details here.

When they told me that ransomware was the #1 threat

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83% of organizations experience phishing attacks

Know what you’re doing when it comes to phishing? Get details here.

Cyber security resilience

Cyber security resilience is vital, as it can mitigate the effects of a cyber attack. But can your organization retain its strong resilient posture if your teams are burnt out? Maintaining momentum and motivation may require a bit more than cat memes, but the occasional, tasteful and appropriately placed information security joke can help everyone quickly and effortlessly dive into the day, pivot into the mindset of a hacker, and face the fight with more flexibility and agility than before.

Stay inspired to stay secure

Your organization is likely a target of dozens, if not hundreds of threats on a weekly basis. Uninspired, under-performing cyber security teams make mistakes, leading to hacks. As many as 88% of data breaches are caused by human error. Forty-four percent of research participants blamed tiredness or stress for accidental wrongdoing. Reorient perspectives, reduce your employees’ stress levels and rethink your role as a cyber security leader.

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