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228,000 subscribers, data on the dark web

Oct 15— Last year, more than 228,000 pieces of data belonging to the 3D printing site Thingiverse made their way onto the dark web. Since then, hackers have widely circulated the information, which includes real names, home addresses and website authentication credentials. Precisely how hackers are using or intend to use this data remains unclear. Nonetheless, the personal nature of this data could place users at-risk.

After investigating another cyber security aficionado’s inquiry, cyber security researcher Troy Hunt reached out to Thingiverse to notify them of the issue. The group’s public response cited human error as the catalyst for the security event. The company issued a public apology, suggested that users rotate their passwords, and reaffirmed a commitment to rigorous security management.

Protecting your organization from data breaches

Developing a robust cyber security strategy is a must. Organizations need to take cloud security, remote work, double-extortion threats, insider threats, IoT, automation, machine learning, and more into account while developing or refining security frameworks. See the latest resources from Cyber Talk that can help you upgrade and advance your cyber security strategy:

Data loss prevention solutions

Also, be sure to review data loss prevention (DLP) security solutions, which can proactively protect your enterprise from unintentional loss of valuable data and sensitive information. DLPs can assist organizations in monitoring data movement, and in maintaining regulatory compliance. These types of solutions are known for their ease of use and for easy integration with other cyber security tools.

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