Cyber criminals are weaponizing advanced tactics, including intricate social engineering campaigns, to carry out malicious activities.

Last year, social engineering attempts rose by 464%. Often a result of social engineering attempts, ransomware attacks have reportedly increased by 90%.

Amidst this unsettling attack landscape, it can be difficult and stressful to secure data and networks effectively.

Cyber security in 2024

“Leveraging AI to drive better security outcomes is top of mind for CISOs, as they address both the expanding threat landscape and the cyber security talent shortage,” says Frank Dickson, Group Vice President, Security & Trust, IDC.

“When selecting an AI-powered cyber security solution, CISOs are looking for a return on investment through increased productivity and better efficacy,” says Dickson.

Check Point Infinity Platform

To address these relentless challenges and the latest, contemporary cyber security considerations, Check Point has recently revealed its unified and comprehensive security solution – The Check Point Infinity Platform.

This advanced platform marks a new era in AI-powered, cloud-delivered cyber security, as the platform is specifically designed to meet the modern challenges of an evolving threat landscape.

“Embracing the future of cyber security, we’re pioneering an AI-powered, cloud-delivered platform that embodies the convergence of intelligence and accessibility,” said Gil Shwed, CEO & Founder, Check Point Software Technologies at CPX 2024.

“This platform is not just a solution but a revolution, leveraging decades of R&D to offer real-time, sophisticated defense mechanisms. It represents a leap toward a more secure, agile, and interconnected digital landscape, where protection is not just reactive, but predictive and proactive.”

AI Infinity Copilot

Integrating seamlessly across the Check Point Infinity Platform, Check Point is also introducing Infinity AI Copilot, a tactical assistant that’s infused with the power of generative AI.

This tooling can automate tasks, reduce the time required for routine tasks, and provide proactive solutions to cyber security threats.

Key capabilities of Infinity AI Copilot

1. Enhance security administration efficiency. Infinity AI Copilot can reduce the administrative workload for cyber security tasks by up to 90%. It can assist with event analysis, implementation and troubleshooting.

2. Streamline security policy management and deployment. Infinity AI Copilot can effortlessly manage, modify and automatically deploy access rules and security controls that are tailored to individual policies.

3. Boost incident mitigation and response. Utilize this AI for threat hunting, analysis and resolution, along with enhancing the effectiveness of incident management.

4. Oversee the entire solution landscape. AI Copilot seamlessly oversees all products within the complete Check Point Infinity Platform, serving as a competent, comprehensive assistant.

5. Enables natural language processing simplicity. Interacting with Infinity AI Copilot will seem similar to a natural conversation with a human. The tool ‘understands’ and responds via chat in nearly any language, ensuring a smooth interaction and efficient task completion.

Infinity AI Copilot is currently available in preview mode, with a full launch expected in Q2. Future developments include proactive assistance and autonomous policy management features.

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