AI is revolutionizing businesses worldwide. Enterprises are being reinvented through artificial intelligence. AI is also separating the industry leaders from the industry followers. 

In the U.S., 73% of companies have already adopted artificial intelligence. Within certain sectors, experts expect that, on an annual basis, AI could contribute $4.4 trillion to the economy.

But, despite the promise and potential, a number of enterprises have slowed their AI adoption, citing compliance and data privacy concerns as barriers to rapid deployment.

What a lot of enterprises aren’t aware of is that there’s a strategic shift happening…AI has become an integral part of the cyber security landscape.

Diverse IT environments

Imagine an intelligent shield that dynamically protects data by adapting to emerging threats, ensuring that your organization always stays one step ahead of hackers.

AI-based cyber security tools, such as Check Point Infinity AI Copilot, can provide this type of flexible and comprehensive security for diverse IT environments.

Closing the talent gap

Another advantage of AI-powered cyber security tools is that they can help close the cyber security talent gap.

Worldwide, there’s a shortage of roughly three million cyber security professionals.

AI-based tools, like Check Point’s Infinity AI Copilot, can enhance analysts’ speed and accuracy, bridging the gap.

AI-based cyber security tools like Infinity AI Copilot enable protection of data centers, networks, cloud, branch offices and work-from-anywhere users. Admins can now easily obtain capabilities that allow for streamlined management via a unified management console.

Collaborative communication

Platforms like Infinity ThreatCloud AI can also provide rapid, real-time threat intelligence. The intelligence is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the platform. Automation and orchestration features ensure that threat responses are fast and effective.

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AI-powered cyber security engines enable organizations to proactively prevent and defend against threats by offering complete coverage of a security estate, real-time insights, automated processes and greater efficiency.

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