In 2023, the cyber threat landscape evolved at a record-breaking pace. Global cyber attacks increased by roughly 48%. Threats became more sophisticated and expensive to contend with than ever before.

Cyber security leaders who overlook recent developments risk being blindsided by powerful, persistent and potentially damaging cyber adversaries. The bad actors are well-financed and are finding network “footholds” in unprecedented ways.

More than two-thirds of companies report having experienced a cyber attack in the last 12 months. The alarming truth is that businesses aren’t adapting fast enough. As cyber crime accelerates, will your organization be able to keep up?

Included in the report

Newly developed ransomware techniques have intensified the malware’s impact on businesses. In 2023, Check Point Research observed a notable spike in large-scale ransomware attacks intended to disrupt multiple businesses in quick succession. Actual incidents impacted hundreds or thousands of entities.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,”
– Benjamin Franklin

And other evolving threats are even more pernicious than that. Threat actors have developed new tactics that covertly exploit edge devices for the purpose of executing extensive DDoS attacks, spam campaigns and network takeovers. Attackers have also increased their use of AI to scale efforts. AI is now used to analyze information, enhance phishing threats and to automate attacks.

The aforementioned represent just a fraction of the ways in which cyber attackers and attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Ensure that your organization knows which advanced security tools to implement. In the Check Point Research Cyber Security Report, get expert recommendations for strategic and innovative products that can keep pace with the latest threats.

Context as a compass

Context around contemporary threats can be just as critical as product recommendations, as context is what enables your organization to ‘see around corners’; to predict problems. Context defines agility. In short, context enables organizations to effectively anticipate, adapt to and respond to threats.

The environmental information included in the Check Point Research Cyber Security Report empowers security leaders to identify issues with greater accuracy and to present a stronger response.

Further details

In 2024, for the vast majority of organizations, confronting cyber security challenges will be a core business objective. As your organization looks ahead, ensure that it accounts for the latest cyber security trends, research, intelligence analyses and recommendations — as explained by preeminent industry experts.

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