The new year is fast-approaching. Check Point’s community of global CISOs is eager to share reflections on 2023 and to identify a variety of key cyber threats and cyber criminal tactics that could influence your cyber security plans in the year ahead.

As you prepare for 2024, leverage strategic, evidence-backed insights from top voices in the field. Tap into the expertise of seasoned professionals to untangle complexity and to stay ahead of the curve.

On December 14th, join Check Point’s six global CISOs as they engage with the latest research, provide incisive analyses, and empower the audience to confidently navigate the evolving cyber threat landscape.

In this must-attend CISO webinar, discover how to keep up with artificial intelligence trends, cloud security challenges and cyber security solutions that can cancel attacks faster than you can say ‘distinctive cyber-readiness’.

You’ll also benefit from:

A strategic compass. These insights can serve as a strategic, guiding compass. They can allow you to accurately anticipate trends, identify weaknesses and find no-fail solutions.

Resource optimization. CISO predictions are also intended to help optimize resource allocation. Ensure that your resources are deployed in the right directions, based on the latest real-world insights.

Tech recommendations. Get recommendations regarding cutting-edge tools and solutions that can competently contend with distinctive, emerging cyber threats.

IR planning insights. With the input of leading industry voices, create a more effective IR plan; one that, after an attack, facilitates an expedient return to business as-usual.

Get bold CISO predictions that are designed to improve decision-making and overarching cyber security outcomes.

This global CISO predictions webinar aims to empower forward-thinking cyber security leaders, like you. With fresh ideas and insight, you can optimize your operations, enable your team to excel, and achieve newfound cyber successes. Meet the CISOs participating in this event:

Jonathan Fischbein Global CISOJonathan Fischbein has served as Check Point’s Chief Information Security Officer for two full decades. He has more than 25 years’ experience in high-tech security markets, shaping security strategies, and in developing ad-hoc solutions to help large corporations mitigate security threats.

Deryck Mitchelson Field CISO EMEA
Deryck Mitchelson, EMEA Field CISO at Check Point. Deryck is a commercially focused C-suite executive distinguished by expertise in cyber security and cloud, with global experience in delivering major secure transformational business-change across both private and public sectors.

Vivek Gullapalli, Check Point Field CISO APAC
Vivek Gullapalli, APAC Field CISO at Check Point. Vivek has a strong record in transforming cyber security in global financial organizations like Citibank, Bank of Montreal and Singlife with Aviva. He brings more than two decades of experience in roles spanning multiple geographies, and complex regulatory landscapes.

Marco Eggerling_Field CISO EMEA
Marco Eggerling, EMEA Field CISO at Check Point. Marco holds an LL.M. in IT Law from the University of Edinburgh as well as several certifications. He has strong experience in building and leading large-scale security programs, and in enabling organizations to deliver high-value products and services to enhance digital trust.

Field CISO Cindi Carter_Americas
Cindi Carter, Americas Field CISO at Check Point. Cindi is the founding President of Women in Security – Kansas City, was honored in SC Media magazine’s “Women to Watch in Cyber Security”, and was also featured in Cybersecurity Venture’s book, “Women Know Cyber: 100 Fascinating Females Fighting Cybercrime.”

Pete Nicoletti, Field CISO, Americas, Check Point
Pete Nicoletti, Americas Field CISO at Check Point. Pete has 32 years of security, network, and MSSP experience and has been a hands-on CISO for the last 17 years. Pete’s cloud security deployments and designs have been rated by Gartner as #1 and #2 in the world.


Event details: December 14th, 2023 at 2:00 PM GMT/3:00 PM CET/9:00 AM EST.

We hope to see you at the webinar. Register today!

Wishing everyone a safe and secure 2024.