In the last eight months, AI has gone mainstream. There’s been an explosion of interest in the topic and one of the best ways to keep up with advances is by listening to podcasts. Listen at your desk, in the car, in the kitchen or during other moments when silence doesn’t feel golden.

Whether you’re a technical leader or a non-technical executive, this hand-curated top 20 list has something for you. Stay up-to-date, reconnect with the joy of learning, and find optimal ways to leverage artificial intelligence within your enterprise endeavors.

20 artificial intelligence podcast options

1. TWIML AI podcast. Tailored to practitioners, innovators and leaders who want to understand the present and future of AI and ML technologies, the banter in this show offers invaluable insights to those who aim to stay ahead of trends.

In the latest episode, dive into the world of BloombergGPT, a bespoke LLM that was meticulously crafted for financial applications, presenting an innovative edge in the financial sector. Stay informed, gain a competitive edge, and be at the forefront of AI and ML advancements with the TWIML AI podcast.

2. The AI podcast (NVIDIA). Explore the limitless potential of AI and its profound impact on industries and society as a whole. Join esteemed Bay Area journalist Noah Kravitz as he connects with experts over this transformative technology.

This podcast inspires and informs while exploring AI’s developmental milestones, value-add capabilities, technical conundrums and real-world implications.

Whether you’re new to the field or an AI aficionado, this artificial intelligence podcast will elevate your understanding, empower informed choices, and strengthen your ability to lead through change in an AI-innovation driven ecosystem.

 3. Me, Myself and AI. Why is it that only 10% of organizations succeed with AI? Co-hosts Sam Ransbotham and Shervin Khodabandeh are on a mission to find out. They speak with those who are achieving big wins through artificial intelligence.

Moreover, they explore what it takes to build and scale AI capabilities, and how to use AI in order to transform business operations. This artificial intelligence podcast is a must-listen for AI-innovators (a.k.a those determined to innovate with AI). Listen to the June 20th episode about AI and cyber security at Intel.

4. AI in Business Podcast. If you’re looking for opportunities to maximize ROI through alignment of AI and a strategic corporate vision, this podcast is for you. Through in-depth interviews with trailblazers, tough questions are asked and valuable insights extracted – all with the goal of elevating your decision-making process. Host Daniel Faggella leaves no stone unturned.

5. The Gradient Podcast. This podcast is intended for researchers, policymakers and individuals with an interest in artificial intelligence and its ethical implications. Shedding light on development and deployment of AI technologies, these thought-provoking conversations foster awareness and encourage responsible practices.

6. Practical AI. Explore the practical side of AI with the Practical AI podcast. If you work directly with artificial intelligence or aspire to, this is a show for you. The hosts present a diverse range of guests – from university students to AI industry pioneers – who offer unique insights into the technology.

This podcast can ignite your imagination and equip you with knowledge that can reshape the future of your endeavors. With episode lengths that vary from 30-minute bursts to hour-long discussions, Practical AI practically guarantees a dynamic and varied experience.

7. Adventures in Machine Learning. This hidden gem of a podcast offers essential ideas and expert advice for success as a Machine Learning engineer. Unpack techniques that can assist with testing machine learning code and picking apart the inner workings of open-source models. Also, check out the comprehensive musings on AI applications in cyber security.

8. Check Mates Go. Our friends at Check Mates Go cover cyber security stories with an AI-twist. Recently discussed topics include highly effective responses to the alarming democratization of AI, how security boundaries can be breached as machines contend with “inner conflicts” and artificial intelligence-related copyright infringement lawsuits.

9. In Machines We Trust. Produced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), this show highlights the latest breakthroughs and watershed moments pertaining to AI. With a masterful blend of expertise and empathy, the speakers navigate complex topics, making them accessible to both tech enthusiasts and general listeners. This artificial intelligence podcast can serve as a gateway to growth, development and strokes of MIT-like genius.

10. Machine Learning Street Talk. In this podcast, experts talk about the latest trends, developments and use-cases in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Notable episodes include Avoiding AGI Apocalypse, Natural General Intelligence, and The Future of AI in Medicine.

11. Brain Inspired. Forget about dogmatic thinking. A show by brilliant minds for brilliant minds, this podcast thoughtfully explores the intersection of neuroscience and AI – while weaving through conversations about language, art, and society – and assesses how they feed off of one another.

If existential questions surrounding consciousness, the imagination, phenomenology, culture and science make your heart flutter, this artificial intelligence podcast is for you.

12. This podcast follows threat intelligence group analysts and researchers, who scour the internet for new threats and vulnerabilities everyday. Explore cutting edge research, its critical implications, and how to respond. A fun and friendly podcast, CPRadio covers a wide breadth of topics, including AI as it pertains to cyber security.

13. Data Skeptic. With a critical and skeptical approach, this podcast investigates data-related topics, from AI, to data ethics, to predictive modeling, to statistical analyses. “If one of your prompts is refused by ChatGPT, you’re not trying it enough,” host Kyle Polich half joked, pointing out that you can duck past ChatGPT’s safeguards. Unpack the latest ChatGPT insights and get a grip on generative AI’s capabilities, limits and lapses.

14. The Bot Canon. For literature lovers, The Bot Canon is a quirky, witty and clever show that explores what happens when beloved classic novels are fed into generative AI tools. Sometimes, the AI spits out reasonable imitations of the real stories, while other times, the tools offer new lines that plunge listeners into chaos.

15. Eye on AI. Hosted by renowned New York Times correspondent, Craig S. Smith, this captivating show delves into AI and features exclusive interviews with industry insiders; from data scientists, to AI developers, to university professors, to machine learning startup founders.

In contrast with other podcasts that offer a general overview of AI, this podcast provides technical and in-depth explorations of the latest AI technologies and the processes that power groundbreaking AI applications. While this podcast may challenge some, it is an invaluable resource for those looking to delve into AI development.

16. DeepMind: The Podcast. Professor, mathematician and podcaster Hannah Fry discusses the north star – creating artificial general intelligence and how it will advance our society. Are you secretly a science geek? Fry speaks with countless researchers, scientists and engineers about their work, learns of extraordinary achievements, and talks about paving the way towards new discoveries. A podcast with a structure, stories and narrative arch, this podcast is exceptionally well-produced.

17. Radical AI. This podcast is about technology, power, society and what it means to be human in the age of information. Deep-dive into topics like the technochauvanism, how to stay safe online, data privacy and women’s rights, decolonializing digital mental health, the fediverse and so much more. This is a fantastic resource for untangling AI’s ‘isms’ or biases, policy implications and artificial unintelligence. (As an aside, their intro music rocks.)

 18. Voices in AI. Enrich your understanding of AI’s impact with GigaOM. This podcast highlights a diverse array of AI-adjacent topics, ranging from dialogue flow, to chatbots, to social inequities. Although there hasn’t been a new season in quite some time, the insights from past seasons are still relevant today.

19. Learning Machines 101. In this podcast series, the host aims for education and entertainment. If you like statistics, mathematics, algorithms, computing and neuroscience, but aren’t sure about where to start in untangling these concepts, you might want to start here. Episodes are intended to be easy-to-understand and should enable you to grasp the fundamentals of machine learning.

20. Hard Fork. In attention-grabbing and hilarious episodes, journalists Kevin Roose and Casey Newton discuss Anthropic, bosses using ChatGPT, AI poisoning itself, AI’s existential risks and so much more. Says another reviewer, “This podcast is a bright nova in the tech podcast firmament,” and they couldn’t be more right.


All of these podcasts offer valuable material that can help you engage at a higher level and achieve more through AI. If you’re overwhelmed by the options and looking for something to listen to right now, technical leaders should check out the TWIML AI podcast. Non-technical leaders can start with the AI in Business Podcast.

Happy Listening!

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