Newsletters are a format that’s started to flourish. With more great stuff to read out there than ever before, how can you decide on which newsletters to subscribe to, providing precious access to your inbox in exchange for thoughtful, professional, value-add content?

The best cyber-sphere newsletters offer smart, curated stories, unrivaled access to the brightest minds in tech, and help you ensure that you’re never left behind in a conversation.

We’ve made this simple – You won’t need to wade through an endless list of blogs or get colleague recommendations again. If you’re a CISO, IT manager or tech lead, these are the best cyber security-focused newsletters for you.

10 top cyber security newsletters

1. SANS newsletters. The SANS Institute is a globally recognized and trusted organization that provides cyber security training, certifications and research. Get thousands of free resources about prominent cyber security issues from renowned experts. Learn more here.

2. CISA-supported newsletters. The National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (NCSWIC) monthly bulletins and SAFECOM quarterly newsletters offer insights into new initiatives, CISA updates and public safety interoperability information. Details here.

3. Cyber Talk C-level newsletter. If you’re looking for a C-level newsletter, look no further than the Cyber Talk newsletter. You’ll be able to leverage Cyber Talk’s custom-curated content to keep ahead of the latest cyber threats. You’ll also be able to lead with ideas that go beyond the basics, bringing a strong executive-level security voice to your brand. Sign up here.

4. The API Security Newsletter. In this dedicated resource, explore critical aspects of application programing interface (API) security. Receive regular updates, insights and best practices pertaining to secure APIs in today’s landscape. This newsletter is a go-to source for security pros, developers and organizations seeking to protect APIs. Sign up here.

5. Center for Internet Security (CIS) Newsletter. This newsletter focuses on cyber readiness and resilience. Insights tend to cover configuration guidelines, best practices, incident response, compliance, and governance, among other things. Subscribe here.

6. AWS Security Digest. This is a comprehensive newsletter specifically tailored to those who want AWS-related security information. Get monthly updates and insights into the latest security features, best practices and tools within the AWS ecosystem. Ensure the highest level of security for AWS infrastructure. Sign up here.

7. MITRE 360 Newsletter. This monthly newsletter is built upon insights from the MITRE ATT&CK organization, the globally accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques, as informed by real-world observations. Sign up here.

8. If you’re interested in the deeply technical aspects of cyber threats, Cyber Intelligence Reports are for you. Get technical insights that lead to an in-depth understanding if current and future technological trends. The research in these newsletters is backed by Check Point Software Technologies.

9. Schneier on Security. The website might seem outdated, but the content isn’t. Dubbed a “security guru” by The Economist, Bruce Schneier has been writing about cyber security since the late 1980s. In addition, he’s a Harvard fellow, board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Chief of Security Architect for Inrupt. Newsletters are monthly. Here.

10. Weekly Cybersecurity from Politico: Explore international developments pertaining to anti-cyber attack strategies, learn about international guidelines and guardrails, see how governments are using surveillance tools, and unpack the latest ‘grey war’ developments. Get info.

Further thoughts

Cyber security newsletters serve as valuable resources for individuals and organizations alike. Industry insights, timely threat alerts, best practices, and expert perspectives can foster community engagement and significantly contribute to the creation of a safer online environment. For anyone looking to stay informed and proactive in an era of ever-evolving threats, subscribing to reputable security newsletters should be a priority.

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