As businesses become increasingly dependent on emerging technology, the importance of strong cyber security has never been more apparent. Stay informed about the latest threats, best practices, tools and perspectives in order to effectively protect your organization from potential cyber attacks.

Check out the following informative and engaging podcasts that cover all aspects of cyber security. From interviews with leading industry experts, to in-depth dialogues about the latest cyber security solutions, these podcasts offer a wealth of information that can help you stay ahead of the game.

1. CISO’s Secrets. Get insider insights. This stellar podcast discloses remarkable true stories, unravels real-world mysteries and more. The host talks about security trends, best practices, cloud, networks, data, employees, habits and secrets while drifting between professional and personal worlds. You can also earn a cool CISO’s Secrets membership badge. This podcast has received high ratings and positive reviews from industry experts.

2. Malicious Life. This podcast features some of the wildest computer hacks, data breaches and malicious behavior that you could possibly imagine. Hosted by author and cyber security expert Ran Levi, Malicious Life untangles complex, dramatic and historical events. Hear fascinating stories from the cyber underground and gain unique perspectives on the darker side of the internet.

3. Darknet Diaries. Enter the world of cyber crime and security in each and every episode. Darknet Diaries features interviews with people who have been involved in some aspect of cyber crime or cyber security. Some episodes cover well-known cases, while other episodes highlight lesser-known or more obscure stories from the high-drama, high-stakes cyber underworld.

4. The Talking Cloud. This podcast discusses all things cloud, with special emphasis on cloud security. Listen to expert guests from cloud vendors, enterprises and channel partner groups discuss nuanced aspects of cloud computing and security. From emerging cloud trends to best practices, this show covers everything. Gain valuable insights and stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic cloud computing environment.

5. CheckMates GO. Learn about cyber security topics through brief, informal conversations with experts from Check Point. Topics include: Incident Response, customer success stories, cyber security trends and technologies. Also, listen to the latest buzzworthy headlines from CyberTalk.org.

6. CPRadio. This cyber security podcast follows threat intelligence group analysts and researchers, who scour the internet for new threats and vulnerabilities everyday. The podcast explores cutting edge research, its critical implications, and how to respond. A fun and friendly podcast, CPRadio presents exciting stories that can shape and strengthen your security approach.

7. Security Now. From the man who coined the term ‘spyware,’ each episode features a deep dive into a specific discipline or related disciplines within cyber. Designed for computer and network security professionals, this show offers in-depth discussions on complex topics. A unique feature of this podcast is its “Listener Feedback” segment, where the host responds to listener queries.

8. Cyber Queens Podcast. These hosts address the challenges faced by underrepresented groups in the field of cyber security. In their own words, women and minorities often enter cyber security as a ‘Plan B’ in life, and as a result, their career success is slower than average. This show aims to break down self-limiting beliefs, to accelerate success and to empower a new crop of cyber leaders.

9. The Other Side of the Firewall. This podcast strives to highlight movers, shakers and glass ceiling breakers in cyber security. Specifically, it highlights People of Color who have made it onto the “other side of the proverbial firewall” into senior and C-suite level positions. The crew also has fun discussing the latest news stories, shares practical tips, and offers valuable and inspiring stories from the frontlines of cyber security. Tune in and help break down barriers.

10. Hacking Humans. This podcast series explores the human dimension within cyber security. Hosts discuss topics like phishing scams, social engineering techniques, the psychology of cyber crime and more. In addition, they share real-life examples and practical tips for protecting organizations from cyber security threats.

A unique aspect of this podcast is that the hosts often play ‘good cop, bad cop’ in order to show how a given cyber threat can be dealt with. One host takes a more analytical and technical approach, while the other emphasizes the importance of empathy, psychology insights, and compassion for human behavior.

11. Crypto-Gram Security Podcast. This podcast is an audio version of Bruce Schneier’s monthly Crypto-Gram newsletter, offering free-wheeling discussions, biting critiques and serious debates about cyber security. As “head curmudgeon” at the table, Schneier extracts bits of newsworthy security stories and analyzes them from all angles.

12. Blueprint. This exciting podcast is hosted by Blue Team leaders who retain extensive experience and present in-depth cyber security insights. Get explanations of the latest technologies, protocols and defense tools.

13. Risky Biz. Host Patrik Grey, a cyber security journalist and researcher based in Australia, commonly focuses on in-depth investigative reporting. And in addition to the regular weekly podcast episodes, Risky Business also produces a handful of spin-off shows, from those that feature interviews with security vendors to those that highlight innovative tools and technologies.

14. CyberWire Daily. This daily cyber security news and analysis podcast features interviews with a wide range of experts from academia, research and industry. A unique facet of this podcast is “Research Saturday,” which deep-dives into recent research insights and studies from the field.

15. Wired Security. Listen to in-depth coverage of current and future technology trends. Learn about how emerging trends are shaping business, entertainment, communications, science, politics and society.

16. CISO Series Podcast. This podcast serves up a series of interviews and discussions focused on the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Guests converse about a wide range of topics related to cyber security; from risk management, to compliance, to incident response.

17. InfoSec and OSINT Show. This podcast aims to provide listeners with a wealth of practical tips pertaining to what works and what doesn’t in information security. It’s a healthy mix of news, facts and opinion.

18. Smashing Security. Cyber security is usually a serious topic, but the co-hosts of Smashing Security aim to bring a sense of levity to the conversation. A humorous and “good vibes only” style creates a comfortable atmosphere in which you can learn about the latest data breaches, dupes and other cyber security risks.

19. Defense in Depth. This podcast promotes conversation around cyber security’s most controversial topics. In the latest episode, one CISO made a passionate argument against sales teams, asking the vendor community to stop selling to him. Instead, he suggests that vendors become participants in the cyber security community. In contrast, the CISO of LinkedIn says that he sets aside dedicated time to talk to vendors, and it’s worth it…

20. Trust me, I’m certified. Here, you’ll find expert advice about how to build your career and overcome imposter syndrome. Discover practical tips about how to overcome feelings of not belonging in the cyber security field and in the workplace.

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