At this year’s RSA Conference, we witnessed some of the brightest minds in cyber security gathered to discuss the latest trends, innovations, challenges and solutions in the field of cyber security. The U.S. event was held in San Francisco, and attracted over 45,000 attendees, making it one of the largest cyber security conferences worldwide. Whether or not you were able to attend RSA, we’ve got you covered – here are a handful of the most mind-bending highlights from RSA Conference 2023.

1. One of the most talked about topics across RSA consisted of artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in cyber security. Amidst his keynote remarks, Chief Executive Officer of RSA Security, Rohit Ghai, commented on the importance of AI, given its ability to strengthen zero-trust architectures and identity management. He noted, however, that AI is a double-edged sword, as bad actors can also leverage AI tools. RSA 2023 featured several sessions pertaining to AI’s benefits, risks, and ethical quandaries.

2. Another notable topic that received significant attention at RSA 2023 was supply chain risk. The increasing complexity of global supply chains has rendered them vulnerable to cyber threats, and a single breach could have far-reaching consequences. The conference offered a session on MITRE’s prototype System of Trust (SoT) framework for evaluating supply chain risk. The tool is now available for organizations to use in assessing supply chain security and it can be customized to fit businesses’ unique needs.

3. One presentation touched on decommissioned core routers as a potential source of cyber security risk that IT teams need to think about. A core router functions as the backbone of a network, linking all network devices and transferring traffic. When a core router is decommissioned, it may still contain sensitive data. In the wrong hands, such data could be weaponized against organizations. Researchers recently found complete digital blueprints of organizations’ inner workings on unwiped, secondhand core routers.

4. Critical infrastructure, from power grids to transportation systems, is essential to the everyday functioning of business, commerce, communities and consumers. However, critical infrastructure systems are also prime cyber attack targets. At RSA 2023, several sessions focused on critical infrastructure security, highlighting the need for improved cyber security measures to shield these systems from waves of cyber threats. Speakers discussed fresh systems thinking, unique controls, zero trust, automation, legislation and creating stronger outcomes.

5. Another much-discussed topic at this year’s event was quantum computing and its potential impact on cyber security. Quantum computers may break many of the encryption algorithms used to secure our data. In turn, the cyber security community needs to develop new cryptographic algorithms that are resistant to quantum attacks. Several sessions highlighted the need for collaboration between quantum computing experts and cyber security experts.

In conclusion, RSA Conference 2023 was a mind-bending blitz of insightful presentations and discussions that covered a range of topics related to the cyber threat landscape. The conference reinforced the importance of taking a proactive and holistic approach to cyber risk management. By investing in emerging technologies, adhering to best practices, and building strong partnerships, organizations can minimize exposure to cyber threats while protecting digital assets.

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