In 2023, the global cost of cyber attacks is expected to exceed $8 trillion dollars. In 2022, cyber attacks increased by nearly 40%, worldwide, as compared to 2021. From large multi-national corporations to government agencies, many entities need help solving for serious security vulnerabilities to avoid significant security incidents.

“The main challenge that enterprises face is recognizing that these attacks are incredibly sophisticated and that they require a multi-pronged approach to security, starting with prevention,” says Check Point CEO Gil Shwed.

Shwed’s sentiments are reflected in Check Point’s prevention-first approach to cyber security, as delivered through the three Cs of best security: Comprehensive, Consolidated and Collaborative security. To prepare for the cyber attacks of tomorrow, familiarize yourself with the concept and implement a cutting-edge framework for stronger security.

3Cs of best security

Comprehensive: Modern businesses require more security technologies to prevent and defend against cyber attacks than ever before. Think real-time prevention with best-in-class industry catch-rates for threats across all attack vectors; from code to cloud, networks, users, email and IoT.

Consolidated: Cyber security architecture consolidation mitigates interoperability issues, while increasing visibility and control over security measures. By embracing a consolidated approach, businesses can enhance security coordination and effectiveness while simultaneously elevating security capabilities, and conserving resources.

Collaborative: Businesses need innovative AI-based engines that can be applied to any attack vector, automatically maximizing protection. Businesses also need real-time shared threat intelligence gathered from all enforcement points and shared across the environment, as to ensure that preventative actions can be pursued immediately.

“If you have a fire alarm on the sixth floor, we all know what to do. In cyber, one tool can stop an attack, but the threat has maybe spread to a different floor or is now coming from a different area. We need tools that collaborate all the time. It’s not a simple task to achieve, but it’s necessary,” said Check Point CEO Gil Shwed in an interview with Forbes.

Further thoughts

This year, know and grow your business. Cyber security is a top business issue for technology leadership, executive management and for boards. In working to reshape and refine your resilience plan, take initiatives to the next level by exploring, unpacking and pursuing action around the 3Cs of best security.

As cyber security threats become increasingly pervasive and persistent, we need to reassess how we think about security. Businesses also need trusted enterprise partners and trusted technology platforms in order to keep them safe in 2023 and beyond. Learn more here.

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