It’s exciting! We are finally getting back to traveling and gathering again, after several years of 100% virtual events. In 2023, take the opportunity to connect, learn and grow with mentors, experts, and industry leaders who you haven’t seen in years. You’ve expanded your knowledge and skills, they’ve expanded their knowledge and skills, and there’s a lot to take in, analyze and build on.

For cyber security professionals, the security landscape has become more complex than ever before, and you need all of the groundbreaking insights that you can possibly acquire in order to stay ahead of hackers. If you’re a security professional who’s excited about returning to in-person events, see CyberTalk’s round-up of the best security conferences and events of 2023. Make your plans while there’s still time.

10 top cyber security conferences of 2023

Explore conferences that cover a wide range of security topics or that focus on niche subjects. Some events offer both in-person and hybrid or virtual experiences. See below for details.

1. RSA Conference. The RSA conference is one of the most well-known cyber security conferences in the world. It occurs in San Francisco on an annual basis and typically has more than 40,000 attendees. The conference covers topics like risk management, compliance, identity as the new perimeter, zero trust, cloud security, and mobile security, along with the latest trending materials. In this dynamic setting, network with other security professionals and industry experts. Location: San Francisco, Moscone Center. Dates: April 24-27, 2023

2. CPX 360 2023. This is the industry’s premier cyber security summit and expo. World-renowned experts deliver keynote presentations and in-depth sessions that cover zero trust network access, cloud and network security, the latest technology advances, and SO much more. This is your opportunity to learn about exceptional industry innovation and how to leverage it to your advantage for years to come. EMEA: March 14 – 16. Register here.

3. Black Hat USA. The Black Hat conference showcases security vulnerability research and highlights new hacking methodologies to be aware of. In addition, it features keynote speeches from industry leaders, workshops, and hands-on training. This conference is known for its especially high-quality presentations, sense of community and comeradery, and intense discussions. Location: Mandala Bay Convention Center Dates: Aug 5-10, 2023

4. Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit. The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit is a cyber security conference centered around organizational security strategies and risk management techniques. The location of the conference differs year-by-year. Conference attendees include security professionals, business leaders, and IT experts who are interested in the latest best practices and trends in cyber security. Location and dates: London, U.K, Sept 26-28, 2023 and Dubai, UAE, June 26-28

5. SANS Institute Cybersecurity Training Event. This is really an event series that provides events throughout a single week that emphasize key cyber security concepts and skills, and that offers attendees the potential to gain practical experience and knowledge. Learn more here.

6. DEF CON 31. One of the largest cyber security conferences worldwide, DEF CON focuses on hacking. The fun stuff includes social engineering contests, hackathons and lockpicking competitions. DEF CON offers participants the opportunity to soak in the latest trends and developments in the field. Participants can also network with other industry professionals in a particularly lively and dynamic atmosphere. Location: Las Vegas, Caesars Forum Dates: August 10 – 13, 2023

7. Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe. The Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Europe conference emphasizes protection of critical infrastructure. The conference offers a unique opportunity for attendees to understand the latest trends and developments surrounding security. Location: Prague Dates: September 26-28

8. Cloud Expo Asia.
This is an annual event that highlights the impact of cloud computing on industry and on society at-large. Held in Singapore, the event offers a unique opportunity through which attendees can learn about the latest trends and developments in cloud computing. Attendees can look forward to keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops by industry experts. Location: Singapore, Marina Bay Sands Dates: April 20, 2023

9. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy. Starting in 1980, the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy has represented the premier forum for presenting developments in security and e-privacy. The event brings together researchers in the field and offers a wide range of engagement opportunities. Location: San Francisco Dates: May 22-25.

10. FuzzCon Europe – DevSecOps. This conference brings developers and security experts together to discuss security in CI/CD. The event series focuses on fuzz testing and similar security methodologies. Experts in continuous and automated security testing solutions will come together for FuzzCon – DevSecOps, demoing solutions for test automation alongside the development process. The event is free of cost. Location: Virtual Date: March 23, 2023

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