The world has reached a historic inflection point. Macroeconomic conditions, geo-economic fragmentation, food insecurity, climate change and ransomware continue to pose substantive threats worldwide. These and other global challenges demand dynamic, proactive responses from global leaders.

Against this backdrop, the World Economic Forum is convening its 53rd Annual Meeting from January 16-20th to identify global areas of concern, to construct ambitious public-private partnerships, to accelerate progress against action plans, and to collectively meet the magnitude of current crises. Peer-to-peer deliberations are designed in the spirit of improving the state of the world.

A core principle of the program pertains to addressing current crises as manifestations of larger systemic deficiencies that have developed over time. Some persistent global challenges also stem from a narrow view of systems as sectors, as opposed to exceptional multi-disciplinary, networked entities that are highly dynamic.

Thus, the Annual Meeting will explore means of addressing current challenges while simultaneously evaluating solutions in the context of system transformation imperatives.

How will World Economic Forum dialogues drive value across your organization? Powerful speaker sessions that will capture the attention of CyberTalk audience members include: Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay and Tapping into Intrapreneurs.

About the speaker session entitled “Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay”:

Dr. Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer at Check Point, who manages all product definition and development functions for both the enterprise and consumer divisions of the company, is proud to address systemic cyber security challenges at this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

Specifically, Dr. Dor will discuss how ransomware attacks have become a core business continuity issue, and a reputational risk that all executives need to manage.

This session will provide panelists with a chance to discuss the nuances of an effective response to a ransomware attack. Participants at each round table will share expertise and contribute to an engaging discussion around response improvement methods and attack preparation.

About the speaker session entitled “Tapping into Intrapreneurs”:

Rupal Hollenbeck, Chief Commercial Officer at Check Point, will discuss intrapreneurial talent as a critical resource for corporate innovation. Corporate intrapreneurship is a strategic lever through which to drive value while increasing social and environmental equity. Further, social intrapreneurship can help address the challenges of the new normal and beyond. Driving this type of change increases the likelihood of long-term organizational success, and can accelerate the timeframe for capturing greater value.

The session will include specific, concrete ways in which your organization can foster and leverage intrapreneurship to yield more equitable and sustainable business outcomes.

Further thoughts

The next ten years are expected to prove a transformational period for the world’s economy, the world’s geopolitical state, and inter-related social crises. Experts warn that unless individual crises are adequately addressed, global threats could morph into a singular “polycrisis,” a state of risk where numerous crises intersect, ultimately amplifying their collective impact.

Gatherings of corporate leaders, public figures, and leaders at the foremost of civil society, along with top thinkers and academics, offer opportunities to innovate-at-scale and to drive true action around pressing global issues.

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