The premiere cyber security event of the year awaits you. Registration for CPX 360 2023 is open. At the event, we’ll be talking with industry executives, CISOs, business strategists, thought leaders and more. Topics will include cloud security, network security, zero trust, SASE, email security, work-from-anywhere, cryptocurrency and beyond. Whatever your specific cyber security interests, you’re sure to find content designed to inspire and inform at CPX 360!

Why attend

At CPX 360 2023, you’ll gain insights into the pandemic-driven security landscape and how to secure your everything. Informative keynotes from renowned security experts will help you prevent and defend against the latest threats, keeping your people, processes and technologies safe. As an attendee, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of breakout sessions, best practice workshops, and exciting specialized tracks. Sessions will emphasize thoughtful approaches to a wide variety of digital security issues.

Fun frills

This year’s events will be offered both in-person and online, offering a multiplicity of new opportunities for interaction, learning, and information-delivery. As you connect with industry leaders and peers, enjoy engaging and elevating your knowledge in fun and memorable ways. Join participants in the cyber escape room, defeat hackers in the cyber range, or take the phishing challenge.

Security’s future

In 2023, cyber security will be at the forefront of everyone’s agendas. Experts predict that nation-state attacks will intensify, a new era of ‘hacktivism’ may emerge, and that attacks affecting quality-of-life may increase. As a result, security teams will need to better anticipate cyber security threats, and implement stronger preventative and defensive mechanisms.

As you finalize your cyber security roadmap for the year ahead, ensure that your organization is at the leading-edge of innovation and can implement the latest groundbreaking technologies.

Get ready for the future now. Improve cyber security preparedness, increase the value of your business, and secure your everything. Register for CPX 360 2023.