In cyber security, change is always coming. The question is, are you ready? 

This year, CyberTalk.org asked more than 25 of the most qualified technology and security professionals in the world to explore, assess and evaluate nascent trends, emerging technologies, investment priorities, cyber security solutions and SO much more! In case you missed what this high-caliber talent had to say, here’s a quick roundup…

1. Cyber Security Evangelist Ashwin Ram shared five-star, in-depth insights around how a CISO can achieve success within the first 100 days on the job – Here

2. Solutions Architect Antoinette Hodes astutely described the challenges of the monolithic and distributed IoT realms – Here

3. Security Engineer Miguel Angulo provided a comprehensive analysis of unconscious biases that cyber criminals exploit among C-level executives – Here

4. Global CISO Jonathan Fischbein offered excellent insights that can strengthen both your workforce and security infrastructure – Here

5. Field CISO Deryck Michelson deftly discussed data security and how to become more consumer-centric while simultaneously growing a business – Here

6. Workforce Security Expert Brian Linder presented in-demand, creative strategies for innovation and leadership – Here

7. Check Point’s Head of Americas Channel SEs, Tony Sabaj, shared game-changing vulnerability and patch management tips – Here

8. Security Engineer Mazhar Hamayun catalyzed an incredible, in-depth discussion of 14 extremely effective ways to secure business data – Here

9. Security Engineering Manager, David Hobbs, provided superb insights into DDoS attack mitigation – Here

10. Cloud Security Architect Stuart Green provided an excellent, strategic roadmap for achieving higher levels of cloud security maturity – Here

11. Security Engineering Team Leader Hitesh Pathak launched into an impressive discussion around devising a security strategy for industrial control systems and how to move towards a self-defending framework – Here

12. Field CISO Pete Nicoletti shared an awesome set of remote work security statistics – Here

13. Field CISO Cindi Carter shared very insightful perspectives on becoming anti-fragile and going beyond resilience to prevent ransomware – Here

14. Cyber Security Evangelist Lari Luoma published an outstanding analysis around how to prevent cyber attacks in the government sector – Here

15. Cyber Security Evangelist Keely Wilkins presented cutting-edge concepts around artificial intelligence and the next-generation of hacking humans – Here

16. Technology Lead Augusto Morales is on a mission to help leaders master mobile security and expressed compelling ideas – Here

17. Head of Worldwide Sales Development Kelly Lichtenberger is educating the world about email security one call at a time and shared top-tier insights – Here

18. Head of Security Engineering, EMEA- Africa, Issam El Haddioui, provided essential, must-have information about the security trends throughout Africa – Here

19. Head of Engineering LATAM, Francisco Robayo discussed the region’s cyber security challenges and opportunities in this excellent piece – Here

20. Principle Security Expert Peter Elmer provided outside-of-the-box, strategic thinking around smartphones and zero day threats – Here

21. Security Engineer Muhammad Yahya Patel shared insights into what everyone should know about IoT security – Here

22. Cyber Security Expert Micki Boland delivered wickedly smart strategies for competing against evolving cyber criminal gangs – Here

23. Cyber Security Evangelist Edwin Doyle offered thoughtful insights into how ransomware can manipulate brands and damage reputations – Here

24. VP Security Engineering North America, Jeff Schwartz, provided high-impact perspectives on ransomware-as-a-service – Here

25. Growth Technologies Evangelist Grant Asplund offered excellent cyber defense recommendations – Here

26. Cyber Security Evangelist Val Loukine provided exceptional insights into Covid-19 and cyber security issues – Here

27. Senior Product Manager Asaf Shahar provided discerning perspectives around Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms – Here

28. Last but not least, Cyber Security Specialist Konstantina Koukou discussed how CISOs can address cloud security challenges, optimize for cost, and reach new levels of cloud security maturity – Here

Further thoughts

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Because of you, it will be possible for cyber security professionals to take decisive action around the latest threats, and to fortify security infrastructure with best-in-class solutions, processes and proactive practices.

Your generosity of time and spirit helps make digital transformation successful, giving cyber security professionals the support they need and the open source-style resources to make resilience a reality.

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