Contributed by George Mack, Content Marketing Manager, Check Point Software.

Every day, we are constantly bombarded with hundreds of distractions, including messages, phone calls, emails, and everyone competing for our time.

Distractions take away our most valuable skill in the economy: our attention. Without intense concentration, we float from impulse to impulse, unable to comprehend any deep topics or achieve any extraordinary results – but there is a solution.

Newsletters are the low-effort way to become better informed. In the digital age, we can still receive the smartest insights despite any distractions. We all have at least one spare minute to read an email.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best email newsletters that you should subscribe to – all of which will make you more informed about the world around us. By selecting a few of these newsletters to give your attention to, you can have a smarter and more successful year.

The best email newsletters we recommend

CyberTalk Newsletter – sign up now

Everybody is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Through stealthy techniques, hackers can gain access to your email accounts, drain your bank balance, or steal sensitive files such as photos or documents. It’s imperative that everyone keeps up to date with the latest in cyber security.

Cyber Talk is a weekly newsletter that delivers cyber security best practices and expert-curated content on the latest security breaches and vulnerabilities – and what you can do to prevent them. Join thousands of your peers in receiving these exclusive insights on what’s going on in cyberspace.

The Morning Brew – sign up now

The Morning Brew is a daily newsletters that compiles the most important business and tech news and transforms it into small bites that can be easily read while drinking your cup of coffee (hence their coffee cup logo). Morning Brew was launched in 2015 and has grown to over 2.5 million subscribers.

Behind the Morning Brew are Alex Lieberman and Austin Rief, two co-founders who launched the Morning Brew as their first startup. It began as a side project and remained that way for more than a year and a half until one of the founders left his corporate job in September 2018 to give his full attention to the business. In 2018, the newsletter grew 10x and their team headcount rose to 24.

The Donut – sign up now

The Donut is a free newsletter that takes a “short and sweet” approach for people who don’t find more traditional news all that engaging. They brand themselves as nonpartisan and as offering trustworthy news that you’ll actually enjoy. It is run by a 4-person team and is geared towards Gen Z. If you’re interested in unbiased, quick, and engaging news about trending topics, then the Donut is for you.

The Penny Hoarder sign up now

Let’s face it: personal finances consume nearly all our attention across all areas of our lives. It influences where we work, where we live, what we eat, and more.

The Penny Hoarder is one of the world’s largest personal finance websites, with tens of millions of monthly readers. This newsletter is for people who want to learn more ways to make, save, and manage money. In our current economic climate, the value of personal finance skills cannot be overstated.

The Marginalian  – sign up now

The Marginalian gives you an update of the week’s most heart-lifting and mind-broadening stories spanning philosophy science, art, poetry, and other topics – providing you with a contrasting, fresh breath in a world that seems maddeningly focused on work, efficiency, and numbers.

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What are the benefits to subscribing to the best email newsletters?

  • Keep up-to-date on the latest news and inside information
  • Use timely information to help improve your life across all categories (physical, financial, spiritual, etc.)
  • Get the headlines and curated content delivered directly to your email
  • Share news or relevant topics with friends and co-workers

A sample of insightful and timely articles included in some of the above newsletters include: