Alon Bar, Product Marketing, Threat Prevention at Check Point Software Technologies

Your SOC team works around the clock to mitigate cyber security threats – whether you rely on a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) or an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) approach to threat detection. Both MDR and XDR enable teams to detect and respond to threats across endpoints, networks and clouds, collecting and automatically correlating data across multiple security layers.

Leveraging an SOC team that addresses security through an MDR or XDR approach enhances visibility and context around threats, enabling organizations to identify stealthy attacks, limit dwell time and increase speed-to-mitigation.

Rapid thread detection can significantly boost ROI for an organization and protect critical business enablement and continuity functions. But here’s the problem…

SOC maturity

SOC teams may need to increase their levels of maturity. Security Operations Centers do mature over time, and new tools can lead to service improvements.

Historically, SOC teams have proven more “reactive” in nature than “proactive”. Teams boldly attempted to detect and swiftly react to threats without looking at broader considerations that can help minimize threat impact and decrease future workloads. Detection and reactivity offer value, but your SOC team might be able to provide an even higher level of service by pursuing a prevention-first approach.

Security Operations Center teams can easily shield organizations from complex attacks through the adoption of strong proactive prevention-focused practices and platforms.

Prevention-first SOC

Shift your SOC team’s mindset from that of detection-first (MDR and EDR) to a prevention-first (MPR and XPR) mentality. Managed Prevention and Response, along with Extended Prevention and Response technologies are powered by leading AI-technologies designed to proactively prevent, monitor, detect, investigate, hunt, respond to and remediate attacks. These types of solutions increases ROI, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and can reduce operational expenditures.

If you are looking for an MDR/MPR solution, Check Point’s Horizon MDR/MPR includes comprehensive SOC-as-a-Service, giving you 24x7x365 prevention-first analyst monitoring. If you are part of a larger firm, Check Point’s Horizon XDR/XPR solution could be the most empowering prevention-first tool for your in-house SOC team.

More information

Select unified prevention-first SOC tools can provide unified management, allowing for faster threat searches and analyses across events. For example, with the Check Point Horizon Security Operations Product Suite, teams can search and view logs across all Check Point products. Teams can also troubleshoot in a timely manner, see depthful information pertaining to daily activities, and create custom alerts for critical events. In short, teams can reduce incident response failures through a prevention-first solutions.

Further thoughts

Evolve your SOC practices. Expand your risk management capabilities. Try out proven accelerators that can help you get the most reward for your technology spend.

It is time to implement a prevention-focused approach within your security operations, which will provide you with the architecture, solutions and services that can offer comprehensive protection for your entire IT infrastructure.

Explore new paradigms in security management that can provide unprecedented security protection. You deserve the best security. Learn more about prevention-first SOC solutions here and sign up for a demo. Ensure the sustainability and success of your business.

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