By Dave Gronner, Product Marketing Manager, Security Platforms, Check Point.

As data centers evolve, so do the cyber attacks

An IDC survey of five hundred enterprises indicated that over 70% experienced at least one major security breach over the last two years that involved both their on-premises data centers and IaaS cloud environments. The majority experienced two or more major breaches.

In the recently published 2022 Mid-Year Security Report, Check Point Research (CPR) revealed a 42% increase in ransomware, making it the number one global threat. Hacktivist-minded state-level cyber criminal gangs have stepped up their attacks as seen with the Russia-Ukraine war.

A myriad of reasons exists for the sheer volume and intensity of these breaches. One reason includes the rapid evolution of enterprise and service provider data centers. Improved technology and fluctuating market demands have also created several changes that have influenced attack trends:

  • Growth of distributed SaaS applications
  • Migration to complex multi-cloud environments
  • Aggressive DevOps initiatives
  • A vast remote workforce
  • Need to upgrade IT infrastructure to deliver greater data throughput, faster network speeds, with higher than ever resiliency

Unfortunately, despite the positive changes, the doors have opened for well-organized, sophisticated hackers. Changes can often open new security gaps and vulnerabilities, requiring you to identify and address any softness in your security before attackers can exploit the weaknesses.

Is it possible to assess your risk posture in five minutes?

When was the last time you assessed your data center, cloud, and network security posture? Here is one way to understand your current risks, and it will only take five minutes.

Hybrid data center security

Check Point Software offers a free risk assessment tool to help you comprehend the current security risks with your hybrid data center. By answering ten simple questions, you can identify the top potential security gaps. This risk assessment provides you with scores across seven security domains, and it recommends ways to further help protect your organization.

Many cyber security risks can be identified by asking pointed questions. This assessment gives you a quick snapshot and presents areas to investigate further and explores how to potentially launch a comprehensive security posture analysis or penetration testing.

To take the five-minute risk assessment, click here. For comprehensive enterprise security design, penetration testing, and threat analysis, Check Point offers world-class cyber security consulting services delivered by a global team of security experts.

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