An organization’s CISO contends with a myriad of complex and unique job functions; from fighting for cyber security funding, to removing ransomware threats, to employee management. The role isn’t easy, especially as the cyber threat landscape and the business landscape continually evolve.

The average tenure of a CISO? Between 18 and 26 months. Only 24% of CISOs last for a full year in a role, highlighting the level of pressure and stress inherent in the position. CISOs commonly leave jobs because they feel as though they lack the support, the tools, and the business acumen to be successful.

Ready to rock it as a CISO? We’ve assembled a series of security resources designed to help every CISO and security professional get critical insights that can lead to security framework optimization, improved reporting, stronger security results, employee retention and other compelling business benefits.

1. Electronic Frontier Foundation blog. In case you’ve never heard of them, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a leading non-profit that defends civil liberties in the digital domain. The Electronic Frontier Foundation champions privacy and free expression, supporting freedom, justice and innovation through security.

2. CyberTalk.org. You’re already here! Thank you! As you know, we provide curated resources that tell stories and that deliver cutting-edge security insights. Absorb information through osmosis; we focus on what’s digestible, actionable and relevant. We’re so happy you’re here and thank you for letting us power your professional world.

3. The Email Security Blog. Want to know about the seismic shift in email security? Get the latest here.

4. Sans Internet Storm Center. Discover podcasts, “diary” entries and job postings from repudiated security educators. SANS also offers training and certification opportunities that can provide interested parties with elite training and credentials.

5. Check Point Research blog. For the technologist at heart, the Check Point Research blog unpacks investigative cyber security reporting in fun and friendly, but technical terms. The research team consists of more than 100 analysts who collaborate with other security vendors, law enforcement and various CERTS.

Their data sources include open sources, the ThreatCloud network and dark web intelligence. Internally, the team has developed their own machine learning modules, anomaly detection, reverse engineering and campaign hunting techniques that all assist with staying ahead of hackers and the latest cyber threats.

6. Google Security Blog. It’s not just another security blog. The Google Security blog provides extremely detailed technical reporting about intensive industry issues. A background in computer science will assist readers in getting the most out of this content.

7. Check Point Blog. Focus on what’s best for your organization by reading through resources created by the experts committed to delivering the best security. You cannot go wrong with this popular, info-centric blog. Get guidance that can further clarify your comprehensive security vision and solve pain points. Learn more.

8. Zone Alarm blog. Discover B2C tips and tricks that you can share with employees, and request for them to share with colleagues, friends and family. This content helps people answer everyday questions like “Are Wi-Fi hotspots dangerous to use?” and prevents people from making silly security mistakes.

9. Rehack.com. Constantly keeping up with the latest SolarWinds-like event can be a bit mind-bending. Take a break from the terrifying tumult that’s packed into regular headlines. Get smart insights that question your assumptions on Rehack.com.

10. CISA website. This isn’t quite a blog, but it is must-read material. CISA offers critical information pertaining to national and international security. Consider signing up to receive emergency communication updates, ensuring that your organization will be able to proactively protect and defend under emergency conditions. Here.

In summary

The best security and tech blogs deliver outstanding insights, actionable strategies and both prevention and defense techniques that you can apply on-demand. Get curated, up-to-the-minute information that is designed to help you succeed in a complex, ever-changing security and business environment.

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