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1. How to Keep Your Organization Safe on Social Media. Social media enables broader market reach, more ‘touch points’, fast Social Media Image_communications, and CapEx savings. But, one under-discussed conversation topic is how to keep your organization’s social media channels secure. Don’t let your channels catalyze a crisis. Keep your social media accounts out of hackers’ hands. Read the white paper.

2. Ransomware-as-a-Service: Exposing the Underground Economy and How to Protect Yourself. Ransomware represents one of the biggest business challenges of our times. The Ransomware-as-a-Service model is responsible for an outsized proportion of new attacks. See how to upgrade your endpoint and find out about which features you need to rebuff ransomware.  Read the white paper.

3. Zero Day Threats: Future-Proofing Your System. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) often rely on ‘zero days’ or vulnerabilities thatZero Day Threats_Future Proofing application and device manufacturers are unaware of. Hackers then exploit these blind spots and launch devastating zero day attacks that can suddenly affect hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of organizations worldwide. Although zero day threats cannot be avoided in entirety, prevention measures can make an impact. Read the white paper.

4. Edge Computing, the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We’re on the cusp of the next major advance in infrastructure modernization. The traditional data center is nearly dead. The future is in Industry 4.0. Within this marriage of cyber and physical systems, trends in automation, connectivity, processes and data exchange are shifting. Read the white paper.Edge_Computing

5. Security White Paper for Small Businesses. Business-owners, it’s time to pay attention. A small business can have enterprise-grade security without an enterprise budget. See the latest small-to-medium sized business risks, get security architecture tips and learn about how to use security as a competitive differentiator. Read the white paper.

6. Blockchain for Business: Approaches to Risk Management. Blockchain architecture is now used across industry verticals. It’s lauded for its ability to provide transparency, transaction verification, security and privacy. But could it betray your organization? Learn about setting blockchain security standards and security best practices. Read the white paper.SMB white paper

7. The Case for Combating Cyber Espionage. Intellectual property theft can quickly devastate an enterprise. Imagine a clone of your product in the store across the street, but at a lower price point and of a higher quality than what your business can offer. Read the white paper.

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