In 2022, cyber crises represent one of the largest concerns for companies worldwide. Cyber criminals can hack 93% of company networks and cyber attacks in the corporate community increased by 50% last year, according to a Ponemon Institute report. The latest and most relevant insights likely haven’t been published in hard-cover books, which can take months or years to reach press. In contrast, a cyber security eBook can offer exceptional, timely and relevant information pertaining to fresh, state-of-the-art cyber security strategies.

Advantages of eBooks

Whether your workforce is in-office, working from home or hybrid, the right cyber security eBook can provide you with the no-cost down-to-earth guidance for securing your data. Discover new means of addressing gaps, implementing, measuring and monitoring the efficacy of tools, lowering your cyber risk levels, and generally advancing cyber security resiliency.

Cyber security eBook selection

A wide variety of cyber security eBooks exist. They range in nature from the totally technical to the overly general. We’ve rounded up a series of cyber security eBooks that walk the fine line in-between. They contain general, informative, actionable insights and yet provide enough substance that you can easily get started on the next set of security steps.

You’ll find cohesive strategies that can help you keep systems safe, no matter the configuration. The cyber security eBook offerings below contain a wealth of knowledge – that you can download or open instantly.

CISO's Guide to Ransomware Prevention_imageCISO’s Guide to Ransomware Prevention eBook. Ransomware attacks seem to be ravaging businesses left and right. Read about ransomware trends, Ransomware-as-a-Service strains, managing ransomware through an MSP or MSSP, and discover over 25 prevention and defense tactics. Incorporate your learning into your company’s ransomware playbook.

Don’t miss this eBook, here.

Phishing prevention cybersecurity ebook_ImagePhishing prevention eBook. As with ransomware, phishing represents a continuous threat to enterprises worldwide. The average remediation expenses surpass the $4.5 million mark. In this eBook, discover an ocean of powerful offensive and defensive tactics designed to help IT leaders circumvent social engineers.

Download the eBook here.

ESI cybersecurity eBookHow Effective is your Cyber Security eBook. In this eBook, you’ll find a useful benchmarking tool to help you compare your level of cyber security effectiveness to that of other organizations. The rigorous analysis here involved more than 1,000 companies across 13 industries and 19 countries.

Explore this eBook.

Why a cyber security eBook

If you like what you read, share your cyber security eBook findings with the team of security professionals around you. No need to have purchase orders authorized or to expense reading material. eBooks are readily available and can rapidly accelerate the performance of your workforce and your security. A cyber security eBook might be the tool that your team needs in order to create cohesion and to forge a clearer path forward.

More cyber security eBook insights

If you opt to read a cyber security eBook, just be sure that your Kindle isn’t going to experience a hack. While highly unlikely, an eBook hack is theoretically possible. As a cyber security professional or aficionado, you might appreciate this detail…

In April of 2021, Amazon addressed a critical vulnerability in its Kindle book reader platform. Hackers weaponized it to target specific demographics. Check out the story.

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