Information Technology expert David Ulloa has nearly 30 years of industry experience and has dedicated the past ten years of his career to IMC Companies, the largest major drayage provider in the US. In his role as IMC Companies’ CISO, he strives for security excellence. In addition to his tech expertise, David Ulloa also holds a doctorate degree in philosophy.

In this interview, David Ulloa offers a glimpse into the breadth and depth of insights that he will share at the foremost cyber security event of the year, CPX 360. David Ulloa is esteemed for his knowledge around best practices, his extraordinary management capabilities, and his data protection expertise.

Please tell us a little bit about how you secure IMC Companies and how you got to know Check Point:

We secure IMC by utilizing state-of-the-art solutions and techniques that allow us to significantly reduce the attack surface. A combination of network, application, and human firewalls help us stay on-guard.

Can you give us a brief ‘sneak preview’ of what you’ll be talking about at CPX 360?

The topic is about how a challenge, with the help of very ingenious and strategic steps, can function as an opportunity for improvement.

How does that fit in with what’s happening across the current cyber security landscape?

No doubt that COVID-19 has been a global disruptor. Having to navigate through the seas of change and cyber threats has never before been this challenging.

Why are you excited about CPX 360 2022?

Hearing about others’ day-to-day problems and how they are tackling them has always been a spark for imagination. You learn from one another, and in-turn, you can make your organization stronger.

Anything else that you wish to share with Check Point’s executive-level audience?

When possible, consolidate solutions; when not, make sure you’ve got a plan.

At the event, Ulloa is poised to share real stories that communicate the value of having a trusted security vendor partnership. You won’t find such deep and intelligent insights anywhere else.

Thank you to Dr. David Ulloa for participating in this Cyber Talk interview. We look forward to hearing more from him at CPX 360 2022, and hope that you do too. Please register for the event here, and please share this content with your colleagues and contacts.

See you at CPX!