By Russ Schafer, Head of Product Marketing, Security Platforms, Check Point Software

Modern businesses now require network security that performs at extremely high speeds and that offers the ability to execute massive daily backups and transfers of multi-terabyte files. Organizations also need ultra-low latency to support sensitive applications like high frequency trading platforms and other financial tools.

Now, more than ever, data centers must quickly and easily scale up their aggregate data throughput, and secure multi-terabits per second. In these cases, hyper-scale is helpful. The need for hyper-scale access derives from new work-from-home demands and a fast-growing e-commerce-based economy.

Designing for Datacenter scale

“Enterprises have distributed hybrid data centers and applications, so they need data center security that performs at the speed of their business. They want to securely accelerate data transfers between applications, other data centers, and backups to the hybrid cloud,” said Frank Dickson, IDC Vice President of Security and Trust.

  • Organizations need to secure high-speed workloads, backups and data transfers
  • Protect high-frequency use apps
  • Support hyper-growth with scalable throughput

“As more enterprises rely on their hybrid datacenters to conduct business transactions, they need to implement a solution with network security speed,” says Dr. Dorit Dor, Chief Product Officer at Check Point.

Use Cases

Let’s explore two use cases that capture why enterprises need data center security at the speed of the network, along with the kinds of hyper-fast firewalls that enable growth.

1) Transferring or backing up TeraBytes of data in minutes:

Several industries including Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, and Health Care, routinely transfer huge data, graphics and videos across their networks for use and analysis. Data center backups alone generate massive TeraByte-sized flows of data, requiring hi-speed security throughput.  With the latest firewall technologies, the 100 TB data file transfers that used to take hours can now can be done in minutes.

2) Scalable security for high speed access to data center applications

Given the increase in remote employees, every enterprise needs a scalable security platform that provides high-speed access to data center apps. In addition, consumers have moved more of their shopping online, requiring retailers to dramatically scale security to support peaks in online commerce. Further, telehealth has expanded rapidly, dramatically increasing the amount of data, images and videos healthcare enterprises need to handle. With emerging firewall architecture, enterprises can quickly scale up their secure datacenter access throughput to 3 Tbps. This would be an improvement of 15 times from a base of 200 Gbps. This level of on demand scalability will enable enterprises to support hyper-fast access to data center applications, and handle peaks in e-commerce website traffic.

In Conclusion

Check Point Software Technologies, a leading provider of cyber security solutions globally, has extended the Check Point Quantum portfolio with Quantum Lightspeed Firewalls to introduce the biggest network security revolution in the last decade.

Quantum Lightspeed sets the standard for firewall performance to enable hyper-fast datacenter security for every enterprise:

  • 5 times better firewall throughput – Up to 3 Tbps per system / 800 Gbps per single gateway
  • 10 times faster – Ultra-low latency at 3 microseconds
  • 20 times better price performance than competing solutions

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