In 2021, we observed a growing set of cyber security opportunities, and growing cyber security challenges. Cyber security became top-of-mind for everyone; from board members, to finance teams, to HR representatives and beyond. Cyber security researchers recorded:

  • 95 million new phishing threats
  • 678 million detected malware types
  • 60% of breaches involved stolen credentials
  • More than $2,900,000 lost to cyber crime every minute

However, this wave of digital disruption paves the way for digital innovation, acceleration, and improved security. Discovering the best approaches to fighting cyber crime has never been more important.

CPX 360 2022

The premiere cyber security event of the year, CPX 360 2022 is happening this month! Event sponsor Check Point Software is not only enthusiastic about presenting the event, but is thrilled to introduce celebrated leaders George Takei and Usain Bolt as keynote speakers.

Both of these highly accomplished individuals can deftly speak to taking the helm, and sprinting past roadblocks; key attributes of modern cyber security leaders.

George Takei

The American actor and activist George Takei is best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu within the television and film-based Star Trek series. In the pursuit of boldness and in the spirit of adventure, Takei later focused his career on human rights work, for which he has received numerous awards and accolades.

In this keynote, audience members can expect to hear about Takei’s adventures on the fictional frontiers of outer space, along with astute and elegant insights for those of us operating in cyber space.

Usain Bolt

Eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt is widely known as the greatest sprinter of all time. He holds world records in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and 4 x 100 meters relays. Bolt is also known as an eleven-time World Champion, winning consecutive World Championship races from 2009 to 2015, earning him the title of most successful male athlete of the World Championships.

After a successful athletic career, Bolt engaged in entrepreneurial ventures, including the development of Bolt scooters. He’s an expert in moving fast.

CPX 360 offerings

In our contemporary digital world, it pays to learn from those who have lived at warp-speed and operated at lightning-speed.

In addition to hearing from these internationally renowned individuals, CPX 360 2022 will allow you to take a deep-dive into technology issues and trends, provide you with a preview of new emerging technologies, present you with best practices and security solutions, offer hands-on labs, and showcase a series of additional outstanding leaders.

Discover lessons learned from the biggest work from home experiment ever, understand how to secure your crypto wallet, get actionable insights into security’s growing complexity, learn about O365 security, and find out about improving your AWS security.


Risk is a moving target in cyber security, and threat actors are continually advancing tactics. CPX 360 2022 is the singular must-event to virtually attend for cyber security professionals.

As you finalize your cyber security roadmap for the year ahead, ensure that your organization is at the forefront of innovation and can implement the latest groundbreaking technologies. Please join us at CPX 360 2022. Reserve your spot today. Register here.