Top-notch network security solutions not only protect your organization from malware, data loss, and other cyber security disruptions; they can also reduce your overhead expenses and prevent downstream financial losses.

Network security consists of a variety of components; from firewalls to VPNs and more. Advance your network security with up-to-date information about the tools, principles and policies needed to protect resources. Read about network security essentials for modern businesses.

10 network security essentials in 2022

The need to protect organization-owned information has never been greater. In 2021, we witnessed a sudden increase in sophisticated, multi-stage cyber attacks affecting organizations across every sector. In 2022, the threats may increase, but so will the strength of your security.

The following network security essentials were compiled by cyber security experts who aim to prevent network-based attacks. As you survey and reshape your security to meet emergent cyber security challenges and complexities, consider the following basics and beyond:

  1. Firewalls. In the age of advanced cyber attacks, opt for Next Generation firewalls that deliver new features, offer dozens of innovative security services, and that can provide unified security management. See this Firewall Buyer’s Guide.
  2. Network segmentation. Network segmentation defines boundaries between network segments, where assets within a group have a common function, risk or role. Defining further boundaries within networks can provide improved security and access control.
  3. Real-time intelligence. Powerful real-time intelligence can detect thousands of threats using millions of sensors and other cutting-edge technologies.
  4. Zero-day prevention. Select a security solution that offers zero-day protection, giving your organization peace-of-mind amidst serious software challenges.
  5. Access controls. Incorporate access controls into your security program. These network security essentials can help identify users and policies, ensuring that both the users and the devices retain adequate permissions for network access.
  6. Remote access VPN. In 2020, more than 65% of the workforce operated from home. In turn, ensuring the privacy and integrity of sensitive information transformed into an imperative. Today, remote work remains as part of the ‘new normal’. Remote access VPNs provide employees with efficient and secure access to company networks regardless of where employees are located.
  7. Email security. Although email service providers build security into applications, these features may not provide adequate protection when targeted by modern threats. See this guide to email security. Modern network security essentials include email solutions.
  8. Hyperscale network security. Hyperscale refers to an architecture’s capacity to scale appropriately in accordance with increased system demands. Hyperscale network security can help organizations meet new business and networking requirements.
  9. Cloud network security. It’s no longer a question of whether or not organizations are in the cloud. Rather, the question is how many cloud environments does your organization have? Protecting the modern data center requires keeping pace with SD-WAN and SASE, along with cloud-hosted Firewall-as-a-Service options.
  10. Data loss prevention (DLP). Data loss prevention (DLP) is a security methodology that leverages technology and best practices to prevent exposure of sensitive information to external, unapproved parties. Loss of data can result in significant financial impact or competitive disadvantages, making DLP another network security essential.

Further, seek out security products with high security effectiveness scores. For example, Check Point’s Next Generation Firewalls and Advanced Endpoint Security have achieved a 100% block rate and earned a 99.84% overall security effectiveness score.

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