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2022 Interactive Security Report

March 7 — Get the latest cyber security insights from Check Point’s interactive 2022 Cyber Security Report. High-quality information about threat trends can help you better understand your risks, your attack surface, and risk management opportunities.

As 2022 unfolds, security is expected to morph into an increasingly prominent issue. There’s no one better to help you address new security challenges than the experienced experts who have been at the center of it all since the very beginning.

Security report highlights

Have better informed conversations within your organization and achieve stronger outcomes after reading the 2022 Cyber Security Report. Within the report, you’ll find information about:

  • Breach prevention strategies; how to move away from a siloed, reactive approach and towards a proactive risk management approach.
  • Critical vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructure that could allow complete account takeover or arbitrary code execution.
  • Global malware analyses, including insights into the most malicious file types.
  • Mobile security flaw information, as 49% of organizations report the inability to detect attacks on employee-owned devices.
  • Both in-the-wild and active exploit information pertaining to technology systems that the majority of businesses rely on.

The interactive component

This Check Point Security Report stands out from the crowd. The dynamic and engaging visuals bring the report “to life,” and give readers another reason to keep reading.

In addition, the digitally optimized construction means easy navigation for business leaders with packed schedules. As a reader, you can quickly jump to information that’s relevant to your business needs without getting bogged down by inapplicable data points.

In summary

“Ultimately, the goal is to defeat attacks across all possible vectors”,  says Check Point’s Global CISO, Jonathan Fischbein.

This Check Point report shows how organizations can develop immunity to the cyber pandemic by increasing organizational resilience. Everything is a potential target – your security needs to be able to protect it all.

See Check Point’s 2022 Interactive Security Report here.