When software vulnerabilities and zero day threats are disclosed, can your organization launch strategic defense mechanisms within minutes or hours? Intrusion prevention system (IPS) protection can stop threats before they cause real-world damage to networks. No manual patch management required.

The value of IPS solutions

Manually patching hundreds or thousands of servers can take days, weeks or months. In situations where security practitioners are pressed for time, intrusion prevention systems, which can virtually patch unknown vulnerabilities in browsers, applications and systems, are critical.

When security gaps are disclosed, intrusion prevention systems and security vendors keep clients safe by incorporating an IPS signature into systems in order to address the emerging zero day/s.

An IPS signature may be based on a patch issued by a software vendor, volunteer open source developers, or even a security vendor’s own proprietary work-around.

For example: Since Check Point Software introduced its Log4j IPS protections, more than 4,300,000 exploit attempts have been stopped; enhancing the security of nearly 50% of corporate networks worldwide.

IPS and SASE solutions

Leveraging a cloud-based intrusion prevention system, offered as a component of a SASE solution, renders all of your potentially vulnerable applications and users protected from the latest zero day vulnerabilities. A cloud-based IPS system also offers protection even if your IT and security teams haven’t yet made time to patch all servers, apps and agents.

Offloading patch management to a cloud-based IPS means that virtual patching protects vulnerable assets, which translates to reduced worry for security teams and organizational leaders.

In conclusion

A cloud-based IPS leaves you with the highest degree of protection available, delivered in the shortest amount of time possible. Check Point Harmony Connect provides a SASE approach to network security, making it easier for IT and security teams to protect people, processes and data without compromising on security or speed.

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