The year of 2022 might just become the year in which cyber security is no longer relegated to a single department, and it instead becomes everyone’s problem.

In a report released on Thursday, J.P Morgan International Council determined that cyber security threats represent the most significant challenge facing business and government today.

While achieving any permanency with wins in cyber security may not be feasible due to the continual and amorphous nature of attacks, it is possible to permanently lose the fight.

Take a proactive approach to cyber security that will enable you to avoid damaging and disruptive attacks. Cyber attacks may not only impinge on your IT resources, they can also tax your organization financially, result in a tarnished brand image and result in legal consequences.

Where to start?

Keep up-to-date with the latest cyber security news, trends, analyses and C-level resources with our recommended list of cyber security newsletters. Supercharge your security operations and prepare your enterprise for the new normal within cyber space.

Cyber security newsletters

  1. The SANS cybersecurity newsletters provide essential information about how to best safeguard your information. You can subscribe to any or all of their offerings right here.
  2. This weekly roundup of curated cyber security content is designed for quick reading and fast action. Get exclusive content, signature whitepapers, and trustworthy insights that help you hit the ground running on Monday mornings. Sign up for the CyberTalk.org newsletter here.
  3. Examine cyber security policy and politics through Politico’s cyber security newsletter. Discover quick soundbites, buzzy nuggets, interesting Tweets, and perspectives unavailable anywhere else. Subscribe.
  4. The world of financial fraud is complex. You’ll find daily risk management, compliance and fraud-focused insights in the BankInfoSecurity newsletter.
  5. If you’re interested in the technical aspects of cyber threats, Cyber Intelligence Reports are for you. Get technical insights that lead to an in-depth understanding if current and future technological trends.

Cyber security newsletters explained…

Cyber security threats are more pervasive than ever before. Join thousands of leaders who stay ahead of sophisticated threats, which are documented, explained and explored in real-time. Reliable information about the latest vulnerabilities, malware, active exploits and more can help present a clearer picture of the cyber security landscape and how your business needs to react in order to stay secure.

All organizations must increase the emphasis placed on cyber security. You’re probably familiar with the Colonial Pipeline attack, the Kaseya ransomware event, and the Oldsmar water debacle. Massive disruptions can occur at any time. They’re also preventable. In 2022, get ready for increased cyber security maturity, and keep the momentum that you’ve built throughout 2021. Cyber security newsletters enable you to construct, evolve and complete cyber security policies, procedure design, strategies, and system development.

For an even more comprehensive list of newsletters that you might enjoy –in both the security and tech space- see Cyber Talk’s past coverage here.

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