In this article, you’ll discover timely insights pertaining to critical infrastructure security improvements. Disruptive and damaging critical infrastructure attacks can be prevented.

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Electric grid security best practices

The threat of a cyber attack on the electric grid looms large. Once upon a time, this was considered a low-probability event. How things have changed.

There are numerous pathways for improving the grid security of utility groups. For example, federal agencies can reduce barriers to security investments and provide more financial options for sharing in the expense of grid upgrades. Utility commissions can work to actively discuss potential threats, audit responses and help craft strategies for defending electrical distribution.

Preparing for potential adverse events also requires continually prioritizing electric grid security updates and patches. New threats emerge on a regular basis, and threat actors can operate at speed. The grid security of millions depends on acting quickly in relation to next generation threats and continually addressing changing hardware, software and staffing needs.

To help subsidize costs associated with cyber security measures, expert reports indicate that organizations may be able to implement alternative ratemaking options. Electric grid security attack prevention requires dedicated focus, cooperation, investigation, research and spending across numerous different departments. Need more info on electric grid security solutions? Click here.

Water utility infrastructure management best practices

Water utility infrastructure management is critical in sustaining the administrative, technical and productive capabilities of drinking water, wastewater and storm water systems, which comprise the water sector. Strong management practices must accompany all policies and practices, ensuring safety for end consumers.

Effective water utility infrastructure management is accomplished through the use of specialized frameworks to assess water system strengths, potential areas of improvement, and means of accomplishing new cyber security objectives. Cyber security professionals who work on water utility infrastructure management may wish to focus on development of a management practices roadmap, should observe past examples of successful and sustainable water security management, and are encouraged to review federal guidelines.

Water sector organizations may also want to partner with other water sector groups, and may want to reach out to cyber security vendors who can provide a deep-dive into premium security management. Need more water sector focused cyber security resources? Click here.

Manufacturing security best practices

The increased reliance on interconnected equipment and processes within the manufacturing sector translates to an expanded attack surface, meaning more opportunities for cyber threat actors to access systems. Cyber criminal groups have recently increased their focus on manufacturers due to the potential for widespread effects, leading to lucrative gains.

For example, hackers may have targeted JBS foods due to the widespread effect of an attack (temporary stoppage of meat distribution), which would naturally pressure JBS operators to pay a ransomware fee. Everyone was watching.

Key improvements to manufacturing security include conducting regular, comprehensive audits, the close scrutiny of cyber security practices among third-party suppliers, the development of cyber security roadmaps, close communication pertaining to cyber security at the executive-level, and maintenance of 24×7 cyber security coverage. Need more info on manufacturing security solutions? Click here.

Infrastructure security services

Select a cyber security partner that works with a wide variety of businesses and that can help make your organization more cyber resilient. Infrastructure security services are critical in preventing the demise of public enterprises, private groups, livelihoods and lives. Enterprises of all sizes must recognize the imperative that is infrastructure security.

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