The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has enabled healthcare organizations to transform models of care. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, IoMT devices that healthcare staff rely on include IV pumps, patient monitors, and ventilators. However, reports indicate that these critical devices can experience a cyber attack within minutes of initial connection to the internet. Further, many legacy IoMT devices run on unsupported operating systems, rendering them uniquely vulnerable to cyber threats. As you might guess or already know, attacks on IoMT devices can jeopardize patient care.

Organizations that wish to secure IoMT devices require a strategic roadmap and a strategic cyber security partner. Choosing the right vendor can put you on a path towards success.

As you search for an IoMT vendor, compile a list of security features that you need, and prioritize partnerships with firms that can deliver. Broadly speaking, organizations may want to improve upon visibility capabilities, look for a prevention-focused product, and increase automation through security.

What else to look for in selecting an IoMT security vendor

In addition, paying attention to analyst firm reviews and customer review can help simplify decisions, although every organization’s IoMT security needs are unique. We’ve observed that Frost and Sullivan have recognized Medigate as a medical device security leader. A KLAS 2020 report also selected Medigate as an industry “Leader.”

Quote from the KLAS report: “Two things stood out about Medigate, and that is why we chose them. First, the detailed information that we received from the medical devices was deep, and the information gave us a lot of enrichment data. That really came to light when our biomed people looked at the product and felt that they could use the information to understand the utilization of different scanners. The other big thing was the vendor’s flexibility in terms of working with our hospital directly to provide quick changes…” -CISO

Further, customers have given Medigate an overall rating of 4.8 out of five.

Why not an IoT solution?

Organizations that maintain IoT solutions may question the value of investing in an IoMT solution. Here are key insights that can help dispel confusion and myths:

Traditional IoT security platforms often remain unable to ‘understand’ manufacturers’ communication protocols. To this end, IoT security may only identify a limited number of suspicious behaviors. IoT security cannot necessarily detect all possible threats. Cyber security solutions that yield deep understanding of IoMT devices and network protocols, and that offer ‘expertise’ within the clinical domain provide higher quality device protection.

To a certain extent, a solution that offers traditional IoT security can work; but significant risks persist. An IoMT-specific solution appears as a stronger security choice. However, your organization may wish to speak with a vendor that retains a strong knowledge of both IoT and IoMT security tools.

For more information about how to select an IoMT security vendor, be sure to read our Buyer’s Guide to IoMT security and see our expert interview, IoMT & how healthcare is rethinking infrastructure.

These resources provide valuable insights into core competencies to look for in IoMT security products, giving your leadership an edge when fielding inquiries and meeting with vendors.

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