The attack landscape keeps expanding. This is particularly true in light of the fact that organizations are continually integrating new cloud computing infrastructure into environments. Cloud computing infrastructure can be a strategic operational value-add, provided that organizations can account for its complexity. Every organization wants to minimize time spent on cloud security operations, enhance cloud compliance, and maintain a strong cloud security posture. Get key insights from experts that can help you achieve more with your cloud security:

1. Automate your cloud security in order to increase control over your cloud architecture. Scattered cloud security mechanisms make cloud difficult to manage, which can lead to errors or missed event information. When automated security apparatuses alert you to cloud issues in seconds, teams can take action quickly. Faster identification equals faster remediation.

“Look for a truly cloud native solution, delivering an agentless platform that can leverage the cloud’s API architecture for flexibility in scaling and managing cloud security and compliance. It’s vital that this solution can streamline and manage every cloud vendor and environment, otherwise you will run into visibility and control issues, regardless of the automation you have implemented,” says Check Point Software security expert Kristin Manogue.

2. Automate repeatable tasks. “It is essential to think about the management of the application programming interface (API), the container registries, images, management and supervision of operations, source code control repositories, the automation of the releases or the integration and deployment as a  continuous process (CI/CD). The latest technologies have allowed greater automation of the controls, so it has been possible to adopt more agile processes in the development of any product with these characteristics,” says Cloud Security Architect, Dan Lemos.

3. Automate your compliance with tools that can continually monitor your configuration status. These types of tools can improve operational efficiency. They’re especially useful for startups and SMBs, which may need to adhere to certain regulatory guidelines, but may lack the time or processes necessary for security documentation. Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools can streamline and automate both cloud threat detection and remediation activities. Automating compliance, and automation, in general, can also reduce opportunities for human error, assist with event response reporting, and provide increased opportunities for business growth at-scale.

“Achieving a complete integration of security and automating tasks throughout the development process provides great levels of efficiency and it gives the opportunity to take advantage of the methodologies of all the teams to improve the final result, by taking security as part of the design to make it as a single block. And whatever technology you use, it is essential to eliminate human errors with automation processes, extending the usefulness of tools and code to the infrastructure and configuration,” says Lemos.

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As you implement automated tools, remind your security team that their services are still needed. Automation does not make work performed by humans obsolete. Instead, it introduces new possibilities for how to use people’s time and talents.

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